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Vacation - Yeah

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Only one more day to go and I'm on vacation. I've looked forward to this for a long time. I'm meeting with my friend who is going to kitty sit for me tonight and thanks to a lot of you I have a lot more information for her than I was going to leave. I'm thinking I should leave her two keys to my house, in case she looses one.
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Don't forget to leave the vet's number and where you can be reached too! Have a great time and send us a cyber post card!
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Hey, enjoy your vacation!

And leaving the Vets number is ALWAYS a good idea (trust me, been there... )
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By the way, you can tell your friend about this site, and she can ask any question she wants and we'll try to help while you're gone!

What do you think?
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Have fun!!!!
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What a good idea. I will tell her about this site and give her web address.


Good to have you back. How did the move go?

Well I will talk to you all when I get back next week.
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Enjoy your vacation!!!!!!
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Have a wonderful vacation and stay safe!
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This is my last day. I had my friend over last night who is kitty sitting Max. He is not crazy about new people and hides when anyone comes through the door (except me, my dad and sister). Before she came I told him that I would be going away for a little while and Robyn would babysit him and wouldn't he please come out and see her. Well, as soon as we sat down (after I showed her where everything was), I called to him and he came. He went right over to her and rubbed against her leg, rolled over on his back and showed his tummy, put a cuteness show on for her and practically jumped into her lap. I was shocked!!! I had told her her that he probably wouldn't come out until the third day or so. He sure made a liar out of me! It is a little easier going now that I know he likes her and will come out while she is there.

Robyn only has three dogs and she said if she knew how cute kitties were, she might have adopted a kitty herself. The cuteness show did the trick.
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Aw, that's so cute! Just goes to show ya that they DO understand a lot of what we say.

Have a great vacation, and I'm sure Max will be fine with Robyn. By the time he's done with her, she'll be joining here!
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Sound like your kitty has found a good sitter! Tell Robyn we're here for her, if she needs anything, or even just sharing her first adventures with a cat...

Enjoy your vacation!
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