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Special needs..won't let anyone else close

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I'm stumpted. Tucker is a 15 year old diabetic. He gets two insulin shots a day. The problem is taking vacations. I've gone away a few times only to have him hiss and growl at the sitter. Usually, he'll let her give him one shot but by the next visit...forget it! First I thought it was the sitter, then I changed sitters and same reaction. He's fine with my roomate though. Do cats experience seperation anxiety? This guy is way to smart for bribes. Tried that! Lost in the burgh!
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Max definately has speration anxiety. I'm going on vacation on Thursday and my friend (who has never taken care of him before) is sitting for me. I told her that he may not come out until the third day or so.

As for giving injections, my sister's cat Alex was a diabetic. I think the cat has to trust the person giving the injection. Is the sitter waiting until he is eating his food to give him the shot? I always gave him the injections when he was hungry. First thing in the morning when he was eating his breakfast and at supper.
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It is very important that your cat knows and trusts your cat sitter. Please have them come over so your kitty can get used to them. If they can't come over, a shirt that they have worn while exercising will work too. Make sure to place it under their food dish and give treats by the dish. Make sure the pet sitter knows where the treats are so they can give them while you are gone. Make sure that you place a simular shirt with your scent on it in their bed so they won't miss you so much. You could also record your voice to calm your kitty while the sitter visits after you have gone. Maybe these suggestions will help?
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Well I used to be a pet sitter, caring for many different animals including cats.

I don't know if this is something you are doing, but it's best to have the pet sitter come over and visit while you are there, learn the routine, a show of your house, meet and play with and even FEED the cat, if you could even do this a couple times prior to you leaving that would be great.

If you know the pet sitter personally, you can even ask them to leave an article of their clothing at your house for about a week prior to you leaving (something they have been wearing and unwashed), and let the cat sleep on it or do whatever she wish's. This will help her get accustomed to the cat sitters smell, and see it as a good thing, as a sign of home.

You should also try and get the pet sitter to give the cat one of it's shots while you are still around. Just have the pet sitter do a few or more things you would normally do while you are there. A lot of clients would actually ask me to go out and walk their dogs with them before they left and it worked out great!

One of my cats Asim, has anxiety and depression issues. I know how hard this can be.

Make sure your cats has LOTS of interactive toys and cat purches and cat tree/scratching posts to play with while you are away. Leave the TV on for the kitty if you would like, or a radio, something that's normally on while you are home.

And you should also talk to your cat and explain to them the situation. There has been times when I just up and take off for a day or so and forget to tell Asim, and those are the times he decides to pee on things and otherwise destroy my house. But when I talk to him tell him where I'm going, that I will be back soon and that I love him etc etc, he does just fine!

We are actually leaving June 19th and the 20th, so I'm going to have to find someone to come and take care of all 5 of my animals during that time.
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