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Sad news about Speedy

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I don't know whether this belongs here or in Crossing the Bridge, since it's about a bird, not a cat. But since everyone here was there with me when we found her, and she was named at the suggestion of one of my friends here, I felt that I should share the sad news.

Speedy, the budgie that we found in the street in front of our house last Labor Day, died on Christmas Eve. She got sick while we were gone over Thanksgiving, and we've had her to the avian vet and on various medications and antibiotics over the last few weeks. In fact, that's why I haven't been around much lately...I've been nursing a sick budgie. We though she was doing better, but on Christmas Eve she took a turn for the worse and died quite suddenly.

She was just starting to lose the stripes on her forehead, which is the sign of becoming an adult budgie. She was here for such a little time. I hope she knows that we did the best we knew how to do for her and that we gave her as much love as we could during her short life.
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Speedy was a pet that you cared about, feline or not, and I will respectfully move her to the Crossing the Bridge forum.

I'm so sorry, Tari.

Fly over the Bridge Speedy.
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Oh Tari, what sad sad news.
I am so very sorry you lost her.

I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that although her life was so short, these last months of her life, she has been cared for and loved, thanks to you.

Rest In Peace Sweet Speedy
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Every one of Gods creatures is welcome in the bridge forum when they pass

Fly high over at Rainbow Bridge Speedy

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Rest in Peace Speedy.
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I'm so sorry - somehow I think our animals truly know the love we give them - and your Speedy was much loved.
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Rest in peace Speedy
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what a sad new...
I´m so sorry for your lost my friend...

RIP sweet speedy...
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Aww I'm sorry Tari RIP Sweet Speedy
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During her short life, you gave Speedy a home and love.

Fly free at the Bridge Speedy.
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I'm sorry for your loss, budgies are special little pets.
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Oh I'm so sorry you lost Speedy...

Rest in Peace, Speedy bird!
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