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What could I do with this?

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Ok, I want to do something for Ricky Bobby so he won't get bored during the day while we're at work. I might be getting weird here, lol, I just hate the idea of him being home alone all day and bored. I know he finds things to do, but still.

So the only window we have in the apartment is the sliding door going to the patio. Problem is, it isn't much of a scene. RB loves to just stand there and look out, but I can't help but think what is he looking at? With most windows cats can look out at the sky, trees, street, so on, and look at birds. But, well here, see for yourself.....
There's that ugly fence bordering our patio, it's a very small patio.

There's a roof above the fence...

There's just not much for him to look at. There's a tree outside of the fence, about 20 ft away, but not in good view. I just don't want him to get extremely bored, and it lead to behavior problems in the future. If there was another window it'd be no problem. The only other window is in our bedroom, and per DH's request, it is a Ricky Bobby free zone(for the time being, I'm sure RB and I can break him of that with a lil work).

I've thought of a bird feeder, will that do anything? A cat tree or cat climber so he can get some height? I really don't know what I'm looking for? Am I being weird? Open to any suggestions.
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Yup, I was thinking of suggesting a bird feeder when I started reading this post. The only window our cat has access to is a sliding door as well. I tried to set up a little perch for her, but she's content shoving herself as close as she possibly can to look out. If you already have a cat tree, try moving it close to the window. If you don't, well, it's a good thing to have for a cat anyways, so put it on your "to get list"
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A Cat tree is definitely on my to get list. I'm shopping around for one now, looking at what options are available.

A bird feeder is really the only thing I can think of.
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Yep, cat tree and bird feeder. A store near me specializes in feeders, foods, etc., for birds. Out of curiosity I walked in one day, and was surprised at how many cat-centric articles were present. Owner said lots of cat parents want to entertain their babies (in-door, or course!) by attracting birds near the windows. Good luck!
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We have several bird feeders outside our house and Keller spends all day going from window to really wears her out
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When we had an apartment with no view whatsoever I bought a 10 gallon fish tank. We've always had a community tank since then. Neons and a couple Cory Cats.

I have had zero luck with my bird feeder since we moved, so it's a good thing we have the tank and a retired neighbor who is out puttering around a lot for them to watch. I'm planning to try having a bird bath next summer.
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I was thinking bird feeder too but in that small space I thought a hummingbird feeder in particular would be nice as they might be more willing to fly into that space. I'm not really a bird expert though so someone at a specialty shop could probably give you much better info. Also, a regular bird feeder would attract squirrels which should be a big hit for Ricky Bobby. They be right there!\t
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Thanks everyone.

The fish tank is a great idea littleraven, I'll have to look into that!

And that's what I was thinking as well, it's such a small area and that had me wondering if the birds would even come. Hummingbirds could go there though!
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