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Yowling incessantly!

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Ever since Georgia made her first visit outside, she has been driving me crazy! She stands at the door constantly, yowling, and pounding the door with her paws! She runs under my feet every time I open the door. She knows she is being bad, all I have to do is shake the water bottle, and she stops. My s/o is pretty kitty tolerant, but he is getting to the point he can't stand her! I am not going to get rid of her, or anything drastic like that, but I really need to do something about this. The vet gave her a clean bill of health. He said "chronic cuteness has led to spoiling." He loves her, and she turns on the charm every time she sees him. He's a real cat magnet! He is all for letting a cat be a cat as long as there are no health issues, so he says she does not need kitty Prozac, or anything like that, but if she keeps it up, I am going to need it! HELP!!!! (oh, yeah, she is spayed.)
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If you or your s/o are handy with tools you could make her an inclosed outdoor area of her own. This way she could enjoy the outdoors and be safely behind screens. I would attatch it around a window you could leave open for her to use at her leisure!
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You can try putting some double back tape in front of the door, so that when she gets close, she steps on it. You can also try spraying some citrus air freshner around the area. Cats usually dont like the smell of the lemons or orange and will stay away
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