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Bored of food?

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My cat Sunny is about 4 months old. He's been eating Royal Canin Kitten food and loved it, but all of a sudden he seems bored of it. He's not eating as much and sometimes just stares at it when I put it in the bowl. Should I be worried? He still eats wet food like crazy and tries to eat food off the floor like he's hungry. I've food him only wet food today because he is only eating a little bit of dry then stopping. What should I do?
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It's good that he eats his wet food. I would make sure to give him plenty to assure he is getting what he needs. Check the label on the can food to see recommendations for kittens. A good quality canned kitten food or an all life stage food would help the most at this growing age.

A call to the vet would be the best for the change in what he eats. It could be too many things to guess without a vet exam. May be teething and his gums hurt, may be a sore or ulceration in his mouth, and so forth.
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Perhaps Sunny prefers the wet over dry? If Sunny stops eating all together that would be cause for concern.
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I would probably just feed him as much wet as he wants and then leave out a bowl filled with the dry.

If he's eating a lot of wet, he might not be hungry when you are giving the dry.
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