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Cat not eating !

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My 4-5 month old kitten hasn't been eating for a day now.
I was at a family thing all day yesterday, got home & it looked
like all her food was still there.
I decided to throw out the food & put new food in there.
This morning I woke up & it looked untouched, or hardly touched.

Then I gave her a few cat treats this morning, she usually wolfs them
down immediatly. But there's pieces of the treats all over the floor.

She seems fine otherwise. She was active when I got home last night.
& seems fine this morning too, right now she's picking apart my old show.

It's an indoor cat, & I have only 1. She was at the vet on Monday for
some shots, and the vet also gave her some pill. But she seemed fine
after that. She has been eating alot everyday it seemed, until now.

What could be the problem?
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I'd honestly call the vet right now - and if they're not in, see if you can find an ER vet, and describe the situation to them Look up what shots she was given, so you can tell the vet, if necessary. Is she peeing & pooing, and drinking water? Like any baby, if they're not eating, you need professional advice asap.

In the meantime, do you happen to have any plain baby food at home (like chicken) without garlic or onion in it - if so, see if she'll eat that.

Hope she started eating since you posted, and good luck to you and your baby that's she's ok.
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A cat not eating is a good reason to contact your Vet and see if you can get an appointment. Sooner rather than later.
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