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Daily Thread Dec 26th

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Morning All!!!

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday.

It is actually sunny here this morning and only -7C which is tropical compared to what we have been having.

Going to go for a walk later and see if I can see any Boxing Day bargains in the stores that are open today. Have to pick up cat food as well and a couple other odds and ends.

Not overly perky today, sleep really lousy last night, dreamed no-stop and a couple of them were really weird. You know the kind when you wake up look around and say " What the heck was that all about"

The kitties are good, watching a battle between the blue jays and the black squirrels at the bird feeder this morning...They seem to be having a turf war as to who get first dibs in the morning.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning all. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Not a lot going on today, going for an early lunch with my sister and niece and a former caretaker of ours, and THE MERRY MAIDS are coming to do after Christmas Dy cleaning up.
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Morning everyone!

I am exhausted from two days of food and cheer. It's going to take me quite a while to "come to" today. I have no big plans for the day other than to look through gifts again, start straightening and putting them away, slowly catch up on emails, PMs and all things Secret Santa. I do have to go pill my mother's cat, but other than that I think it will be a very slow day.

Have a good one every one!
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kinda depressed today....but that topics another whole thread...

other than that i think im just going to take some time to myself and go shopping with some of my gift cards. i was so happy that we have today off and now i wish we didnt!
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