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I'm depresed...

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remember that job I wanted so badly?
well they are postponing hiring anymore people until July!
Now I have to put up with the wicked witch of the east until(if I even get it that is) then! I'm so depressed! all we are doing is the silence thing and when we aren't we are doing this it's pretty bad now. I really hate my job. I was looking forward to getting out of there and now I have nothing to look forward to each day but that. I need a hug.......
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I'm so sorry. Sending lots of (((((hugs))))) your way!
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Just you wait I see good things in your future! Your new job is closer than you think! (((HUGS)))
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icky! big (((HUGS))) heading your way.
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Sorry about your job troubles Barb

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barb - i am so sorry to hear about this... what sort of work are you looking for? i will keep my ear to the ground for you.

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Aw, Barb, that bites!!!! And I was just about to post to find out when you'd find out.... Ugh. Poor babe - looks like for now it's going to be a long summer.

Sorry we can't actually DO anything!!!!

Does this help?

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Aww! I'm sorry, that's too bad! ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))
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Barb sweety..I'm so sorry to hear that! I know how much you've been looking forward to leaving your current job. Is there any other jobs in your small community available?

Sending you lots of good luck vibes and hugs too!
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That is horrid! At these they could tell you if you are going to be one of the people hired so you have something to look forward too!

here is something to help you feel better!
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thanks guys that makes me feel better!
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