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Merry Christmas & Welcome Home!

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My new girl - really shouldn't keep her, but can't adopt her out for a variety of reasons - she has health & behavioral issues.

She seems quite content in those first few pics.

Welcome Home Eden. I knew it the moment I laid eyes on your dehydrated half staved skinny pregnant self.
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She is sooo content in these pics, and you mentioned preggies?! You are an angel , she couldn't look more grateful for your kindness!
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Oh my goodness. She is sooo precious.
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She and Dorky have no shame, do they.
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Awwwww! You're an angel to give her a furrever home!
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Oh she's beautiful!!! And I love the name!!
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Im so glad you are keeping her, Nat
Lucky girl
Has she become darker over the last several months?
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YAY, she belongs with you
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I'm a little confused, I thought Eden had long since been living with you!

Great photos though, she's SUCH a beautiful girl
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Eden has been living with me as a foster. I got her in July after I flew PJ & Punky to sharky, I picked her up along the way back. She was pregnant then - the X-Cats (Phoenix, Pyro, Wolverine, & Rogue) were her kittens. I was hopeful we could adopt her out - but have had no luck due to her issues. The fact that she pees is a bit of a deal breaker for most people.

She has darkened some, but when I got her she was very dark. The pic below is her in a cage at the shelter (I left her for FeLV/FIV testing, vet check, etc right away before exposing her to my cats)

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Look at the huge difference in her! She looks great now, nice, round and happy!
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She looks so great! I'm glad that she's home to stay... she sure got lucky when she got you
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It is amazing how much healthier and happier she looks now. I don't even have words to say how THRILLED I am to hear you are keeping her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eden

post #14 of 21 being an adult film star one of her behavior problems?

I love those first few pics of her...what a ham!!!
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Aww, I thought that might happen!! She does look so much better though.
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She's a beauty, Nat. I'm so glad you're keeping her!
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She thankfully gets along with everyone - even Twitch & Lily. So she can be their new kitty friend hopefully soon. That'll be one less kitty for Ophelia t oget huffy about.
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I'm so glad that Eden is going to stay with you! I know you really "shouldn't" but.... It still makes me happy that you are keeping her. She needs a special home... Like yours

Every time I see pictures of her she reminds me of Bamf.

So, I asked him to welcome her home for you. This was his reply:

I had to poke Pixel a few times to get her to roll over, but I wanted her belly too. It has spots!

Eden has such a cute belly. She'll be happy with you. You know she will!!!
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Oh m goodness, she dosen't ever look like the same cat. I am so glad she has her furever home! Surprised it took this long
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The moment she heard me typing on the keyboard - "purr" & she launched up onto the desk. Unfortunately she missed, but when she hit the desk my lap was there to break her fall. Kitty needs padded walls. She's now supervising me, with her butt in my face, farting like mad.
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Wow! Look at the difference She looks so much better now.

Welcome Home Eden
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