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How high can a 4 month old kitten jump?

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I'm adopting a 16 week old kitten in a few weeks, will she be able to jump onto our king size bed? Or do I need to put a ramp etc near the bed in case she wants to come up?

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A kitten won't be able to jump that high, but kittens are the best climbers in the world. If you don't want her to climb up via the mattress, sheets and blankets, put a small cat tree or carpeted climber next to the bed. She might decide to use that, or she might prefer the mattress/sheet/blanket route. She'll make her way up, no doubt about that.

(I saw a 5 week old kitten climb over a 3 foot tall mesh child gate once. When there is a will, they find a way)
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Thank you
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Cleo can make the jump and she is about 4.5 months old.
If the kitten can not jump it will climb.
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I'm pretty sure the kitten can make the jump at that age. When Toby came to us, he was about 5-6 months and could jump on the kitchen counter. Like said below, if they can't jump, they can climb!
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Thanks for the responses.
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Snow is 16 months now and still has problems jumping on the bed. I put a cat tree beside the bed and now she can get no problem.
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Jake climbed my bed at 5 weeks old, and it's not a platform bed it actually has space underneath and is pretty tall. I was impressed and surprised to find him on my bed every time i came home..
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She may not be able to really jump right up, but she will try and at least scramble up. I would not build her anything to come up on the bed. Give her a month or 2 - she'll come up when she wants to.

Course I told my little 4 month old rex kitten she was too little to go from the table to top of curio cabinet like the adult rexes do. Next thing you know she is up there and can't get down herself. So I got her down and watched - that little rascal made a flying leap on the GLASS front and somehow scrambled up the rest of the way. I thought it was impossible for cat paw pads to stick to glass for climbing!
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cats are so fast sometimes thay can scale hard things with their claws. My cat jumped from the stairs onto the back of our big screen sony( I think it's 45 inch)projection tv and instead of falling down he was able to come over the top. It was a big thud and then that scratchy scramble noise you hear while you hold your breath lol
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Aya-chan is about 10 weeks old and while she can't leap that high she can certainly climb. Those things we refer to as 'claws' make pretty good climbing aparatus and she scales my laundry hamper and 6 foot bookshleves just fine. Don't know how to get down though.
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My kittens are 4.5 months old now and have no trouble at all jumping up on the bed. I didn't really keep track, but I'm pretty sure they were getting themselves up there by the time they were two months old, maybe younger.

Shareena, my smallest cat, made the jump to the kitchen counter when she was 3 months old, right after I told her it was too high for baby kitties.
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My new gray tabby kitten Bonnie (who thinks she is a bengal) was able to literally jump right up onto my queen sized, raised bed at just 2 months old, so I do think it depends on the kitten.
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Thanks for all the info.
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Don't let those little furries fool you.  I wanted to put her in one of the rooms until I got back from the store so I decided to buy a 44 inch high gate.  When I got back she was sitting waiting for me on top of the stairs.  I was trying  to figure out how the hell did he jump that. lol  Well I am glad he was fine.  This is to give you an example of how high kittens can jump. 

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Oh btw he was 4 months old at the time.

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My very adventurous kitten Fi jumps 1.2 m or so.(sorry,cannot convert..)

But I'm not sure he's 2 month old or 3 months.He's very tiny.

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I have an old waterbed platform that has a queen size memory foam mattress and my short-legged munchkin kitty who is not a jumper is able to jump onto my bed.  Casey who is now two years old was jumping on my bed as a 7 week old kitten.  We got our munchkin kitty when she was six weeks old and she was able to jump up on our water bed before she was able to navigate our stairs.  I agree that if you are not sure you could put a small cat tree next to the bed. I did have one next to the bed for Starbuck but she never used it to get on the bed.  I was going to move a small cat tree next to the bed for Casey but he jumped up on the bed before I moved it.

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