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"Walking" the cat?

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Has anyone tried to train their cats to go outdoors on a leach? I've read on a few other sites that there are harnesses you can buy for your cat, and that IF you train them very early on in the right way you can get them to be quite happy and civilized while walking around on a leach. I've even heard tell of people who take their cats on regular strolls through the park and such.

Does anyone do this regularly or has anyone had any success in leach-training their cat?

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You don't have to train them early, the oldest cat I've harness trained was 8 years old and he didn't take long to get used to it.

Most people don't really walk the cat, they just follow the cat around I have flexi leads for mine so I can sit in the garden while they wander around.
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I have harnesses for mine...they aren't very keen on them though (one has a fear of going outside). I think it's a really good idea to have a harness to use when going to the vet, air travel, etc. even if you don't go for regular "walks".

One thing to be aware of though, you definately want to do any "walking" in a secure area...and one that isn't highly trafficed (cars, loud noises, dogs, etc.) as these might freak out your cat...and a really scared feline is no fun for anyone.

My harnesses are the "roman style" harnesses which I think are more secure than the "h" style ones... Although I think my cats could still manage an escape if they really wanted to. The jacket style harnesses are neat looking and would probably be the most secure.

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If you search "leash" here, I believe there are a few threads with people's experiences. In fact, someone just wrote an article for this site and was soliciting people's experiences, so there should be quite a few out there.

We're planning on taking Squeaky out this spring on a leash. She's 4 and we have no idea if she's ever been on a leash before. My husband thinks he can take her running with him. I'm just going to bring a video camera and laugh
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