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I have a Glitter-Puss!

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No, not glamour-puss, a glitter-puss.

We're super late, but we did manage to get the tree decorated before Christmas. We got Shatterproof Ornaments (whoever decided to mass-market these obviously has cats!) in a deep red/burgundy and silver. We don't trust a certain little calico with the rest of the good (read: breakable) ornaments. 1/2 of the silver balls are glittery and sparkly, which I LOVE. Apparently Annie does too. Well, at least she doesn't let them get in her way.

After the tree was finally decorated, we went upstairs. About 1/2 hour later, Annie comes up, only she has been transformed into a Glitter-Puss! She had silver glitter from her head to her tail. None of the ornaments had been knocked down, but she apparently thoroughly investigated the balls. She was covered in glitter again this morning when we came downstairs. Apparently she likes a little bling!
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A girl needs a little sparkle for the holidays.
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What is it with calicos and decorations?? Jazzy only had 2 christmases with us but she made the most of stepping over everything and trying to rip into the paper Tortietude

I bet that made quite a photo
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That's hilarious...Your shiny ornaments may not be so sparkling next year though.
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Did you take a pic of your glitter puss? Bet she looked cute.
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Wouldn't you know...I didn't have a camera before we petted her and wiped the glitter off. But I bet I'll be able to get pics before the tree comes down!
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