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I didn't mean to make her cry........

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Ok....long story short, for the past few months we've delivered a meal once or twice a week to this family, a mom, dad and nine year old daughter. The mom had a car wreck in May, and is just now starting to have more "up" days than down ones, physically and mentally both. She's unable to stand and cook, so a couple of her friends have been having food sent in at least once a week from us.....matter of fact, since we've gotten to know them, we've taken it upon ourselves to take it a few times w/o payment....there's another story there, not getting into it, lol.

Anywhoo......Earlier this year, I started a new dollhouse project, and just before Thanksgiving, I asked the mom if we could give it to her daughter for Christmas, would she like it, etc. She said yes, and that it was ok......I dropped it off Tuesday night, and I swear that I don't know who has enjoyed it the most, the daughter, the mom or the mom's mom who lives next door, lol! We had been invited to come for Christmas lunch with their family today, so took a dessert and went.....The little girl's mom thanked me over and over, was just so overwhelmed that she was at a loss for words.....and cried. It's hard for her, I know, because from all I find out about her, she's always the one doing and giving to/for difficult being the recipient at the moment........but she's getting better, and we're starting to see the "old" Brandie show back up.

Now.....for what I've been promising a couple of you for a month now......since I got it done, a few pics of the house. It's just a small one, and I can show you every flaw....but they are I guess that's all that matters. And apologies in advance for the pics.....I still just have my phone camera......but they're better than nothing, I guess!

The "front"

One end, this one has a bay window

The upstairs, this is the bedroom.....walls are deep blue, carpet is brown.

The upstairs, this is the bathroom, just before I finished the "tilework"

The living room downstairs, has the bay window, walls are Dark green, with a stained wood floor

The kitchen, walls are yellow, and the flooring is printed paper, with the same finish on it as the wood floor, which yellowed it a bit, making it match the paint!
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That is so sweet of you to give that to the little girl! I bet you made that entire familiy's day.
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That is so beautiful. And don't worry about the flaws. They show that it was handmade for the girl and that makes it more priceless than any toy you could have purchased. She will always know that it was made specially for her.
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The joy of it all is, it made her happy at Christmas, but it also gave me a lot of pleasure in the building and finishing of it....and my Sunday School class pitched in to help buy the furniture and a family to send with is a "group" effort.
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Wow, that's amazing!
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Oh my gosh, you did such a beautiful thing for this family! I'm sure that exquisite little dollhouse will become an heirloom for them, and every generation will hear about the wonderful, caring person who built it just for them. Bless your heart!
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That's really very nice, and sweet of you to do such a nice thing for that little girl. I'm sure she'll always remember you and her very special Christmas gift.
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It's beautiful! What a lovely Christmas present from the heart, the very best kind. Bless you!
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What a beautiful dollhouse....and the intricacy of the :details
What amazing talent you have
Bless you for caring so much for that family - that little girl will benefit so much, on so many levels from your continued kindnesses
Sending TCS prayers and vibes that Brandie makes a speedy recovery
I know first hand about the trials of dealing with brain injuries & other traumas You are truly an angel to be so patient and understanding Everyone here at TCS is very proud of you
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Wow! I cannot believe how beautiful it is! You did a great job with the dollhouse and I'm sure they treasure it. You've really made their Christmas a happy one
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thanks guys, for now, it's back to working on the renovations on mine......maybe later in the year I can buy another kit for this next Christmas!
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WOW! That is amazing - I am impressed that you did that!!!
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That's really nice of you to do for her, great work!!
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That is wonderful! I'm so impressed that you made that.
What a lovely thing to do for that family.
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It has very realistic rooms.

What a wonderful thing you did for her!

Karma rules and what goes around, comes around.

You will be next.

The tears were of joy, and I wouldn't be upset.

You made a bad situation much brighter for them at Christmas!

You're an
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