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Yes, we have about 3 feet of that hideous white stuff on the ground right now. I can't remember having this much snow since I was a kid! Yuck!
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No white christmas here it was a nice day and really nice today
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I usually don't get a white Christmas. It's almost always bare & brown around here. This year we not only had Arctic temps, we had quite a bit of snow. Not only did we have snow but a ton of ice too! XMas Eve was at my neices and she had so much snow & ice at the end of her driveway [where the snowplows had dumped the street ice & snow] that I had to really gun my motor to get over the hump! fortunately the main thouroughfares were clear but the side streets were all dangerous skating rinks!

Tomorrow they're predicting the 50's with a chance of it hitting the 60's! All the snow & ice is gonna melt & they're now predicting flash floods!
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No but then again it is Summer here - a nice shower in the morning though!
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Originally Posted by Grogs View Post
Well, my family moved to Texas (Jacksonville) in about December, 1978 and it turned out to be one of the coldest winters on record. Lots of highs in the teens and twenties and several ice storms. We had moved to a farm, so we had to go out several times a day and get the ice out of the water for the horses and chickens. So even in Texas you can get some pretty bad weather unless you go all the way down to Houston or maybe even Brownsville.

Granted, we do occasionally have a "bad" winter here now & then, but it's rare, and if it does get really cold, it doesn't last long. I've been here almost 7 years now, and I've only seen freezing rain twice, and snow just once (this year actually - about 2 weeks ago. But it all melted by the next day). So even if it does get cold, it doesn't last long, and doesn't drag on for month after month.
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Never have had a white Christmas here... It was cold and rainy ... but no snow
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Cold and rainy here. Not cold enough for snow but just right for a fire in the wood stove.
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Oh yeah! We had a White Christmas! Too white!

Had almost 2 feet of snow. I've been delivering the mail in that *stuff* for over a week.

We even postponed Christmas on both sides of our family. We're doing DH's on Sunday and my family next Sunday.

Now we have to worry about flooding cuz it's raining like crazy. But I prefer rain...I won't melt!
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humm TOO WHITE for me .... at the smallest point there is 3.5 ft my drifts are like 6 ft ...
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No I'd love to have another white Xmas. I haven't seen a white Xmas in 5 years or so. I miss it. It was in the 60s at my parents house (where we're spending this Xmas weekend), and in the 70s where we live.
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White as heck here! I like having snow Christmas through New Years but after that I have no use for it! It can stay up in the mountains the rest of the time!
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Oh yeah! It was actually a fairly nice day at 25 degrees
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DH promised me a white Christmas if I moved to MN - he hasn't been wrong yet. Either there is snow on the ground or its snowing.
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No white Christmas where I live, but it did snow the day after.
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I suppose it's actually more accurate to say Bing Crosby would be confused. We had plenty of snow...even if it was raining on Christmas eve.
Fortunately we had enough snow that its still around (despite the rain).
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No white christmas for me.I live in FL.
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