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Problems with spraying

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I am brand new to this site but find it so informative. I have two indoor cats and a little old yorkie. The youngest of the cats (Spookie) has been spraying in various places in my house for almost a year. I am certain it is due to outside cats. I have a neighbor with three cats that are running around and recently noticed a litter of five young adults running together. I was able to trap two of the five and took them to the shelter where I am a volunteer. Since I cought those two I have not seen any of the others. Now to my problem, how can I get Spookie to stop spraying? I have used Feliway, but not everywhere everyday. He is on a homeopathic anti-anxiety drug three times a week. He's been seen by two different vets, one is a behavior expert who put him on this drug. He is also confined in the laundry area when he can't be watched every minute. The stress level (for us) is terrific. I have read all the postings about this but still am looking for help. My Mother-in-law has offered to take him but I can't be sure that a change of atmosphere will make a difference.
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I will assume Spookie is a male and is already neutered.

I would take my shoes off the minute I walked in the door. This may be tracking in the scent of the outdoor kitties.

I would also place a flyer for low cost spay/neuter at your neighbors door. You could also suggest they visit this site if you are friendly with them.

I would get a urine neutrilizer like Natures Miricle and a black light to highlight the urine spots and get rid of them completely.

Hope this helps your furbaby!
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Oh and WELCOME to our home away from home! I'm sure you will be here a lot now that you have found us!!!
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Yes he is nuetered. The neighbor's cats are all spayed/neutered. The only ones that aren't are the strays. I have to attempt to trap the three remaining ones. I have taken Spookie outside on a cat leash to see if he would mark where they have been but he just eats grass and rolls around, then doesn't want to come back inside.

This site is so informative that I will spend too much time here, since I am at work at this time.
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Click here for a lengthy thread on stopping spraying. It is very long, but you will see many suggestions and what worked and didn't work for this member. For some reason the initial post on that thread is not there, but you will soon see that it was written by someone in a similar situation as yourself.
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I had read this whole thing and even printed it to save it. I just borrowed a black light and am going to try to clean the spots tonight if I can find the right cleaner. I appreciate your response. Hopefully I can get this terrible situation resolved.
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Yea, getting rid of all the urine I found is very important. My Niko used to pee everywhere anytime she got in heat. This lasted a year because of a differing of opinion on spaying. (My roommate always noticed a severe personality change in his previous cats when they were spayed and didn't want Niko to become lazy and unfriendly.) Finally I got Niko spayed but found she was still peeing on my couch. At first I couldn't understand it, I had used Resolve and a few other cleaners, but I guess they weren't soaking all the way through. So I totally cleaned them - removing the cushions, removing the cushion pads and thorougly made sure there was not even the slightest traces. She hasn't peed on the couch or anywhere she isn't supposed to since.
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