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Eye Envy vs. Angel Eyes

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I have an all white Exotic Shorthair that has really bad tear stains. Does anyone have experience with either of these products? Any advice would be appreciated.
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angel eyes does work ... but realize the main ingrediant is a amino acid...
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Is an amino acid bad? I know one works from the inside and the other externally. Can you use a combo of both products?
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NO .. it is mostly beef liver ($$$ beef liver) ////

you likely could use both but I wonder what is in the topical
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Is beef liver bad for them or just expensive? Could I just feed them liver myself? I want what works best for them.
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ie I IMHO think you likely could try feeding beef liver yourself ... around here a natural diet ( including beef liver works the best
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I have used Angels GLOW (just about the same as Angel Eyes) on my Toy Poodles and it works great! I don't use it on a regular basis but it I want their stains cleared up for a special reason I will use it and it definitly works!
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i've used the eye envy for Pixel [ she gets pretty bad tear stains, especially on the left side] & liked the results.
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I've never heard of Angel Eyes but as a 10+ year Persian/Exotic breeder I can recommend Eye Envy
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Do I cook the beef liver or serve it raw? How exactly does that help the tear stains?
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I serve it both ways as some like food cooked and others are raw eaters... it is a immune aid ...
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