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An unusual but way fun cat toy.

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You might get some serious ribbing for this toy if you don't have any young children or grandchildren, but I think it's worth it. I've had mine for almost two years and it's almost ready to be replaced - and, yes, despite the jokes I get (my granddaughter is way past the 'proper' age), I'm definitely replacing it.



Heather & Remy


Heather (sort of) & Remy
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Hey, I think it's a great way to "repurpose" a human child's toy!
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So do you leave it out all the time, or put it away everyonce in a while so they 'want' to play with it again?

I know mine get bored with their 'same old' toys, so I put some of them up everyonce in awhile so then they are 'new again'...Lol
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Oh, it stays out all the time. I sometimes change the toys, but the mat itself remains out. It gets used every day, especially by Allen; after Da-Bird and the laser, attacking this toy is his favorite activity.
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My crazy high-energy kitten, Heather, has a new way to play with this toy. First, she flips it over, then she leaps from corner to corner, tipping the mat from side to side. Forgive the blurry pics, but as fast as she was moving, this is the best I can do. I laughed until the tears came watching her - the pics don't do her behavior justice.

Here, she's already flipped the mat and pounced on it. You can see her body weighing it down on the left.

Here she is after she's jumped to the top and flipped the mat to another side.

After she landed, contemplating her next move.

She's leaped and landed back where she started.

And over again.

Here she is at the top of a leap.

And back down again.

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That's so funny! She's having a blast!
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very cute and funny too...I would have never thought of that. Funny kitties!
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haha thats great! I'm sure my cats would love something like that but I'm not too sure I'd want it in my house (as no kids as of yet).

I bet your cats sleep on it too dont they once they're worn out from playing on it?
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That looks like fun! I need to keep that in mind for my two.
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What exactly IS it? I mean I know it’s a kid’s toy but what is it called? I don’t have kids or know anything about them, so I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for one of these, but I think my boys would love one… They are so spoiled they get anything they want! (or I think they would want...)
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They're called "Play Mats" or "Activity Gyms" and other similar names and you can find them in just about any baby section of any store you visit. They can range in price from $30 up to $80 and more. (Why, I have absolutely no idea. Babies use them for a very, very short period in their lives and they're made of cloth and snaps, so go figure? )

Mine just happens to be this one.

Good luck! And when you bring it home, post pics so we can see your kitties playing with it!
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Uh oh... I love those for babies but it looks like I might have to fight the cats off if our son is to get a fair chance at playing with it.
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All Zane, that lazy lumpcat, would do is sleep on it.
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