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My sisters Xbox was stolen at Ups!!!

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My sister sent her Xbox in to be fixed.
They sent it back and it went out for delivery.
The Ups driver left a note because they were not home.
It said it would be delivered on Tues by 10:30 pm.
It never came and she called.
They told her they think it was stolen.
It has to be a inside job.
She was crying yesterday.
I told her crying will not help.
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She needs to file a claim with UPS and they have to replace it for her.
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She called Ups and they told her to call Xbox.
She called them and they said they will take care of it.
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I can't believe people, sometimes...

I hope they get her a new one. >=(
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I bet its someone christmas present.
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If it is UPS it is insured so it doesn't really harm you apart from being a few days late and it is not necessarily an inside job, they often leave things on the porch and they get stolen there
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We know its a inside job.
They told us it was.
They are trying to find out who did it.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I bet its someone christmas present.
You know, if I had something nice stolen and it was given to some poor kid who otherwise wouldn't get a Christmas present, I almost wouldn't mind. Sadly though, what usually happens is it gets pawned for $10 so the thief can buy a couple of crack rocks or a shot of heroin.

I'm hoping she gets a new Xbox and maybe a couple of free game titles for her trouble.
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I am sure someone will replace it.
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
If it is UPS it is insured so it doesn't really harm you apart from being a few days late
That depends on if it was an Xbox or an Xbox 360. A 360 may have had the hard drive in it, it will also automatically log into Live. If someone pays for a higher subscription to live, and does this through the 360 instead of on a separate computer, it may even be possible to recover that credit card information... Even if someone can't recover it, that info is save and can be used to buy more stuff through Microsoft's 360 shop (games, levels, themes, months of Live, etc).

We're talking about Microsoft after all, security is not something they're that great at.

Game consoles have reached a point where they're not just a game console anymore, they are a pc. So depending on how they were used, a stolen one should be treated the same as a stolen pc would. Simply put, if she used a credit or debit card through the 360 she needs to get that card canceled.

If it was a 360 and she uses Live, tell her to have a friend look for account activity under her name or to even call Microsoft and have that account closed.
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...very disapointing...
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Just passing along a suggestion I got from UPS once - if you're near a UPS store, many people will have their UPS deliveries directed there, and just pick up at their convenience - rather than having it left at home when they may not be there. Apaprently, a lot of people do that for computer deliveries. I did it for a bulky package that I didn't want left at my door - worked out fine. UPS told me it was delivered, and I just went to the store a day or two later to pick it up.
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It is a 360 and something strange is going on.
Now it has turned up.
bad_kitty2001: CERES,
CA, US 12/24/2008 9:41 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY
Choose Another Delivery Option

bad_kitty2001: hmm funny that wasnt there beforebad_kitty2001: Type: Package
In Transit
Your shipment is moving within the UPS network and should be delivered on the Scheduled Delivery Date. A shipment can remain in this status until it is delivered. Other than time-definite air deliveries, shipments are generally delivered anytime between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to residences*, and by close of business for commercial addresses. UPS cannot schedule a specific delivery time within that window.
* Due to heavy holiday volume, deliveries to residential addresses may be made after 7p.m. Thank you for your patience.

What should I do if I'm expecting a delivery?
This is the most up-to-date information about the status of your shipment.
bad_kitty2001: Rescheduled Delivery: 12/26/2008

Strange how it has turned up.

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Maybe it was just a holiday mix up? Someone forgot to properly scan it in or something. Still, check the box for tampering and have her consider changing passwords and keep an eye on anything that could have possibly been stolen/used.
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I'm glad it turned up. Maybe it was scanned wrong after they tried to deliver it the first time so it didn't get put back where it was supposed to be? I dunno. But with all the extra holiday helpers they hire; they are bound to get some unsavory characters around that aren't normally there. Could have been put on the wrong truck too.

Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
If it is UPS it is insured so it doesn't really harm you apart from being a few days late and it is not necessarily an inside job, they often leave things on the porch and they get stolen there
DH told me once that someone (I don't remember where this happend) got caught following the UPS truck around and stealing the packages they'd leave on people's doorsteps! Apparently the driver noticed the same car following him around.
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Last year my Avon was stolen at the Ups office.
It turned out to be the people they hired for Christmas.
Ups is saying that they belive a new worker took the Xbox.
They confronted people then it turned up.
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I was wrong it is still missing.
I do not know what Ups is doing.
My sister got it was out for delivery off the site.
Its still missing.
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Yeah, I had a DVD that I ordered from Amazon that their website says was delivered on the 27th and I never got it. I usually have my packages delivered to my parent's house because I live in a condo and it would just complicate things to have it delivered here. The first part of this order (a couple of books) was delivered a couple days before this and they stuck it in between the doors and I got it just fine. I would assume that a single DVD would be in a package slim enough they could just stick it in the mail slot, but who knows. I emailed Amazon earlier this evening, so let's see what they say.

Good luck with your XBox. My fiance got one for Christmas. I've been enjoying it (not!) ever since then.
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Please, please, make sure she takes my suggestions if her HD and info was in that 360. Like the member that had her DH's wallet stolen - there's all sorts of crooks out there looking to take advantage of people. Information can be valuable, more so then the game console itself.
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My friend said that I could have it shipped to his apt since I work fulltime and would most likely not be home when the package arrived. I had sent my 360 out for repairs about a month ago. It went out to Texas with no problems and was there for 2-3 weeks while it was being repaired. I saw the status had changed to shipped out on the 16th. I gave my friend the warning that the xbox was making it's way back and to keep an eye out for it.

On the 22rd, UPS went by his apt and he said the knock "didn't sound like a UPS knock" so he ignored it thinking it was someone else...until he heard the truck start and thought OH CRAP! But to him, it was just the thought that he missed it and they will make another deliver attempt the next day. Makes sense right? That's what happens usually when you miss a package. They left the normal not indicating that a signature was required to deliver the package. Obviously, that means that they could, in no way, leave the package outside of his door. The paper also indicated that a 2nd delivery attempt would be made the following day by 10:30 am.

Tuesday the 23rd

He waits at home all day and is extremely pissed that he has been stuck there without being able to go anywhere because UPS hadn't shown up. Even by the time I got off work, it wasn't there which led us to call UPS. They said the driver had til 11:59pm to make deliveries. Later, by midnight when the driver still hadn't shown, we called yet again and they said there was a driver mistake or something.

On the 24th I noticed the package had not been scanned since the first delivery attempt which was rather odd. I spoke directly with the local warehouse and they said that the truck with the manuscript for the 360 did not have the package. They said they would search for it. I called back hours later and they told me that it was no where to be found. I asked if it could possibly be stolen and she said she was just gonna say that.

I called xbox and let them know of my situation which was rather difficult and frustrating not only because the circumstances, but due to that fact that the woman on the other line spoke poor english and wasn't understanding what I was trying to explain to her. I finally got it through and she said that a supervisor would be resolving the situation. I still have yet to hear from xbox.

I noticed that the tracking said it was out for delivery on the 24th at 9:41 am. Now, how can it be that I talked to them on the 24th at 1pm and there was not information for that date and suddenly days later there was. It said it was rescheduled for the 26th. Never came...Rescheduled the 29th, never came.

I called again today asking how it was possible for it to show info for the morning of the 24th when it wasn't available when I talked to them later that day. She checked with the driver again and of course...the box was no where to be found.

So to put things simply, the xbox is still missing. No one knows where it is and sounds like no one really cares. I've been too busy with work but I have weds off and both UPS and xbox are not going to be dealing with a nice person.

As for the information on the HDD, xbox tells you to send in only the console itself and not the accessories that go with it. I have all the cables, controllers, games and the HDD with all my information on. I am an XBOX Live member so knowing that I have all my info safe with me is a huge relief.

I know it had to be someone at UPS because it went directly from them apparently making a 2nd attempt that never happened.

I am still rather PO'd. Hopefully some good news soon! I will get an xbox one way or another. Believe me!
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Amazon is shipping out another DVD to me. I just emailed them and said it says it was delivered, but it's not here. They replied back with a form email that said "sorry your package got lost in transit. We'll send another one" and I got a notice today that said it had been shipped. I love Amazon!

I had a similar situation happen with a few years ago. I placed an order and it never showed up, about 2 weeks after they said it shipped. I called them and said I never got the package. They re-sent my order and I got the first package a few days later. I called and asked if they wanted it back (it was about $40 worth of stuff) and they said, "nope, just keep it!"
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