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Play Preferences.....

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Ricky Bobby is cracking me up right now.

DH is the one that does all the "rough housing" with him. And RB thinks I'm the cuddle one. Right now I saw him running around the living room so I decided to try to play with him like DH does (AGAIN, I've tried it before). Well I did, and he just looked at me and walked away, laid down and looked like his feelings were hurt. I then called him over for cuddles and he was all over it, purring his head off! Which is so funny cuz when DH does the same RB thinks it's party time! But no, to him I'm the one he gets love from, and DH is his party buddy. I just think it's funny. Yeah, he'll play with me, but nothing like he does with DH.

Does anyone else have a cat who has preferences on who to play with?
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Mine are so 'my girls' when it comes to cuddle time, especially in the bed; I will often have three kitties on my chest in the morning...the other one doesn't like to 'share' the bed, so she's never up there unless the bed is empty! Lol! Latifah, is the most 'my kitty', as she always lays on the couch with me and follows me around all the time (especially if it eans I might just turn on a faucet for her...she's obsessed with water).
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Harley is like that; If I pat my hand on the couch for her to come and sit with me, she'll come running and actually get up into my lap. If my hubby does the same thing, she'll sneak aroud the side of his chair and swat his hand playfully. He just started to play with her about two weeks ago - before that, she wasn't really interested. Now she's learned that he's fun, too.

Generally, though, I'm her preference for everything since I'm usually the one who's home; her and I play for at least a good hour (sometimes more) at night. When she's absolutely tired, then she's up for cuddles.
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