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I bought a new cat tree!

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There's a cat tree from Amarkat that I've been coveting for some now... just out of kicks and giggles this morning, I checked - and the tree's on sale for $115 off the regular price!!

I ordered it right away. The tree would have been enjoyed by my three cats, but with the two new kittens, too, it'll definitely be appreciated. This is it: B6802 Ivory Faux Fleece Pet Furniture Tower cat tree condo 7-level.

And here's a pic

I'm so excited!
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You're excited? Imagine the cats when it arrives!
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That's gorgeous. What a great present for the kitties!
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Your cats will love that tree.....I have the exact same one for my 6 cats It is used heavily by them all for 2 years now. It is durable and can be put together in less than 1/2 hour
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Yay! How exciting!
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The cats LOVE their new toy! They were all over it while I was putting it together and even jumping onto it while I was moving it into place. Silly kitties!

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Awwww, look at them, they love it
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Nice tree! Those are some spoiled kitties.
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