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Christmas Time??

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What do your kitties do at christmas?
How do you feel the day after?

Sorry I know who thinks of christmas about 200 days in advance...Well the day after christmas I just feel like it didnt happen... because we are playin the music like a month in advance and then the day after its out goed the tree and the music ETC??
Anyone else?

oh and my kitties were eating the tinsel.. how can I prevent that this year lol..
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The cats don't really care much about Christmas, but they love to lay under the tree. They get upset if there are too many prezzies under the tree and they can't lay there.

About keeping the cats from eating tinsel....best way is to not use tinsel on the tree. Or just put it up high where kitties can't reach it.
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If you must use tinsel put the tree in a room and keep the cats out. Tinsel can cause damage to the intestines and can cause death. Maybe just a tiny tree with a glass cover? Our tree survived without too much damage. Try the SEARCH button on the top of the page and see what others did at Christmas! Make sure to read the Christmas Road Trip it was fun!
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I don't use tinsel on the tree. Not only because of Max, but I really enjoy an old fashioned Christmas tree. Max loves to sit under the tree. He has a favorite ornament (sheperd boy w/a sheep). It does not matter where I hang it, it is on the floor when I get home. No other ornament has been bothered. I wish I knew how he does that.
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Since we have so many plants in the house we usuaaly decorate them, but when it comes to 'pretty presents', ya right!!! All of them shredd every last bow, ribbon, paper, anything. We have to wait for Santa to bring our surprises.
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No tree at all here - I can imagine what my furbabies would do to it!!

I just put the presents out on a high chest of drawers out of the cat's way. They sometimes do make it up there but they just kind of sniff and play with the bows and then get bored when they work out that there's no catnip, cat food or furry mice in there! (I keep the cat's presents hidden in a cupboard.)
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