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Litter ?'s

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Well I was flushing my cats stools & litter clay clumps down the toilet
for about a week. Then I read online not to flush clay down the toilet.
So for a few days anyway I was just gonna flush his stools down the
toilet, even though the clays sticks to them a bit. Is this ok, or will
this clog my toilet also?

I was gonna buy a new litter box soon. Right now I have 2 for her,
& there on the small size. Is the bigger the better?
If I buy a new one & use the same clay litter, will my cat be ok &
use it?

Are there any really good products out there I can use for this whole
process. I just got my cat not too long ago (1st one) & I bought
really cheap litter boxes & was gonna upgrade to something better after
some time had passed.
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I personally wouldn't flush the feces with clay litter down the toilet. Over time it will clog and its not pretty I learned the hard way. They do make flushable litter but I haven't used it.
The expensive stuff seems to control odor quickly. I use a mid-price litter and just replace it more often. I think it ends up being about the same in the long run.
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I have heard that some of the bacteria in cat feces can get through most municipal waste treatment systems. I would not flush any cat waste down the toilet personally. I do use a biodegradeable litter though because it is a lot lighter weight than clay and a lot less dust. I have used WBCL, Feline Pine, Aristocats, and Arm & Hammer Biodegradeable and my favorite so far is the Arm & Hammer. I put the waste clumps in the litter locker and then when I change out the litter and clean the box, I dump the litter (without clumps) into my flowerbed.
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If you want to flush (anything) I'd get a good clumping flushable litter. I use world's best cat litter and it is flushable and septic safe. When I scoop the box, I'll put the clumps and poo in the toilet, let it sit for about 1-3 minutes and then flush. within that time, the clumps completely degrade into particles and I'm sure they won't clog the toilet. I only do this when I have a box in a bedroom or near the bathroom, for my regular scooping I store clumps / poo in a container and then compost them in my back yard.

Generally cats like larger boxes better and like open ones better than closed ones. But this depends on the cat.

I use the "roll away" box...it looks like a hooded box, but has a sifter and a drawer in it..you roll the box onto it's side, clumps roll into the drawer and clean litter is sifted into the bottom of the box. Pull the drawer out to dump the clumps / poo and roll the box backwards to get the litter back into the usable space in the box. It works well, but you can have problems if your cat pees right on the grate. Also, it needs to be broken down every 2-3 weeks and cleaned (top, bottom, drawer, grid, etc.) so that it does not smell.

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I use Breeze for Cats litter system.

It's a pretty neat system with a grated tray that holds non-absorbent pellets to hold solid waste you can scoop. Urine just flows through to the bottom which has a removable tray with a replaceable absorbent diaper. If you use the regular pellets, you can just scoop that into a waste bag and tie it up.

The cool thing about this is you can use Feline Pine pellets instead, and just scoop and flush it. The only downside is the pellets that get wet, will break apart and fall into the lower tray which you will have to clean out daily (I just flush that too). If you put it off, the pine dust will build up and get all over everything when you take the tray out. Pine Pellets also absorb odor and are biodegradable. The synthetic ones are not.

This is my first cat and litter pan, so I don't know what else to compare it to. I don't have any lingering urine smells, there is hardly any pine dust tracking, and occasionally a few pellets make their way out but are easily thrown back in.

If you're planning to switch, I would try feline pine with the regular tray first then transitioning over to the new litter pan.

You can get one at Walmart or target for $30, maybe less now.
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I've found that my cats have adjusted to a variety of litter boxes. This is no small miracle in the case of Kit who LOATHES any and all change to her routine. Probably, your cat will adjust to the box you select just fine! Just don't change litter types and keep it in the same place for a few weeks. After that, you can make other adjustments. I've found that with litter you get what you pay for. I'm a recent adopter of crystals and love them. They absorb the urine odor and I found that my very fickle kitten stopped going out of the box once we made the switch to the crystals. Apparently, he finds them clean enough for his tastes.
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