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Dec 25th Christmas Day Thread

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Morning All. and A Merry Ho Ho to everyone:

Well it has finally stopped snowing here for a bit which is good.

Up early but I am sure there are lots and moms and dads out there who have where up a lot earlier. I am heading off to my sisters in about an hour to spent the day. Most likely will eat to much but hey that is part of the holiday fun.

Am glad at least the weather seems to be cooperating, my nephew from Toronto did make it home yesterday but it wasn't a great trip. My nieces are both leaving this morning instead but should arrive by dinner time so it looks like everyone will make it after all.

The kitties have open there gifts, and had lots of treats and have already went back to bad where I am sure they will spend the rest of the day.

Hope everyone has a great day
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Packing up and heading out for OKC for a few days to visit my sister, her husband, and their daughter. My brother is supposed to come over for at least today, too.

The only Christmas treat I'm looking forward to: Mince pie!
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He he hee! Merry Christmas everyone!

I`ve been to work so now I`m sat here in my Hello Kitty jammies and festive socks that Katiemae1277 ( My secret santa ) sent to me. Just been on the phone with my sis and made her late for her Christmas dinner now I`m going to have a mince pie or two and a lovely cuppa tea.

Have a fantastic day everybody!
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MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! Hope Santa was very good to you all. We're waiting to hear from my sister. Don't know if we're going to open presents before or after my niece gets here. Probably after, I have a feeling. Hope everyone is having a good Holiday.
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Merry Christmas! hope you all have a wonderful day. just woke up, house is still quiet. me and BF opened our gifts to each other at midnite cause we couldnt wait. once BF wakes the day will start with giving the cats their presents, heading down to see my parents, then to his grandparents, then back over to his aunts for a big family celebration, after that we might stop by this one bar to see a good friend of ours do some comedy.
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Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a very peaceful day today!

We just got done opening all the gifts and are now relaxing up for a big feast at lunchtime. Hope everyone got what they wanted and you are enjoying the love and time with your families. God bless all of you!
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I just got up (about 20 minutes ago), got my coffee, and fed the cats. I'll putz around here for a bit and leave for the bus between 10 and 11. I'll be taking the bus down my my friends' place in Milwaukie (Oregon) and spending Christmas there. I have to work in the morning, or I'd stay over...

Weather isn't too bad. Reports say we'll get more snow, but it's 35F at 8:30 am, right now... so I doubt it'll get too bad... we're in a warming trend right now, so things should get back to 'normal' once again...

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Morning and Merry Christmas!!!

We went to DH's parents last night and didn't get home until almost 12. We opened presents and had a great family dinner. It was fun!
Today we are going back out only this time the grandparents are going with us.
Another dinner and more presents and darn it, Christmas is over. It ends all to soon. As stressful as it is to do everything, it's nice to see peoples faces when they open their gifts and their eyes twinkle!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Have a fantastic New Year!
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Good morning and Merry Christmas to all.

My one daughter has opened most of her pressies, as did myself and my hubby. My other daughter will be home tonight from her dads and we'll do it all over again tomorrow morning (that's why my 1 daughter keeps some presents to open, so she's not just sitting there watching her sis).

We'll be leaving in a little while to go to hubbys parents for xmas dinner et al.

Weather is clear, so travel should be fine. (its only 45mins).

It's been a great day so far

Happy holidays to all.
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Hope you all have a GREAT holiday & i hope everyone gets what they asked for!

My BF's mom woke me up at about 8 am. I opened my presents, and i LOVED everything i got. Yesterday, my BF's sister gave me a $25 gift card to Ecko, my favortie store & brand of clothes. We had to go to the mall anyway to get a gift card for BF's dad, so i went to Ecko and got 3 shirts on clearance. My boss got me a BEAUTIFUL shirt from Kohl's. My BF's aunt and uncle got me Bath & Body Works lotion and body wash in Vanilla Noir. I love everything I've gotten so far. I went to my moms at 10 this morning, my grandfather came over from New Jersey to spend Christmas there. This is turning out to be an excellent Christmas, and I am hoping you are all enjoying yours just as much!!!!
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Merry Christmas!
Hubby and I were up at 7:30 and waited until almost 11am for Mom to wake up. She had to wrap our gifts. Poor mom is under the weather and she received word that a dear friend passed this morning(that's 3 this year).

Hubby and I are heading to his mother's for dinner and to get spoiled once again. They always go overboard with the gifts. I can't wait to crash and sleep tomorrow away.
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Here is a recent picture of me...I haven't posted one of these in a few years....this was taken yesterday (Christmas Eve) at my mom's after opening presents
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We've had a bit of a change of plans. Due to basic lack of motivation to make the three hour drive to my family's in the pouring rain, I'll be spending the day with my girlies and then spending the evening with my BF and his family. Merry Christmas everyone!
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I was supposed to go visit relatives, all my relatives get together for Christmas and this is the only time each year that I see many of them... We usually get together and my aunt and uncle's house every Christmas. The family used to get together on Thanksgiving and New Year's too but as the younger generation started getting married and moving away a lot of people would visit their other relatives for those holidays instead so we started only getting together for Christmas... Unfortunately our car is iced in and we're not going anywhere today, so I'm stuck at home for Christmas with a large amount of desserts since we were supposed to be bringing dessert.
I probably won't get to see most of my relatives until next Christmas. I spent about an hour trying to get the car out before finally giving up...two of the wheels are pretty much encased in ice and I don't know how or when the car will be able to move again!
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Not spending it exactly the way I would like. I had a really upset stomach yesterday and am still nauseous today. I sent DH off to the in-laws as I wasn't up to the 90 minute drive. So now I'm hanging out with the kitties bored and eating saltines.

But it started out really nice, waking up with DH and the kitties all snuggled up with me and wonderful presents from DH. And it will be nice when DH gets home. Until then I will hang out on TCS.
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We have had a good day here, after being up late last night for Christmas at my folks, we were up at 3 am getting ready for work today, finished up our last delivery at 12, then dropped in on a family who has "adopted" us, stayed with them for about three hours, eating and playing cards, lol! Just got home and catching up on things that I've let go online the past few days while we've been working our butts off....but about to head for bed, because we're going to be on our normal wake up schedule tomorrow, fixing lunch for six and delivering it, but we're taking it to just South of Nashville, TN to eat it with my mom, dad, and my mom's sister and her husband who live there, and we see waaay too little of.
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Well I had a nice day visiting with everyone, however my stomach decided to start acting up right before dinner. I did manage to eat some but didn't want to push it to much. Got home about 1/2 ago and took some Pantalogue which is a prescribed medicine for A.R. so am starting to feel a bit better.
Got into my new fuzzy pajama's and slippers, made a cup of peppermint tea and now I am parked in front of the computer for a bit.
The kitties are sitting in the chair beside my desk giving me that silent your in big trouble Missy stare for being away most of the day. I am sure a few treats will have happy in no time...
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