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Just adopted a new cat....

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Hi All,
This is my first post... I have adopted a cat today... I always wanted to adopt one, finally did it... It's around 4 month old...
The thing is, I know the cat is frightened cause of the change of the environment and all... I brought the cat at around 11 am in the morning in my house... The moment I took it out and it saw me, it was running here and there and was trying to escape... finally it settled down near the window... I tried to catch it when it was running, I got a scratch fro its nails... had a small bleeding, but its ok...
The cat is feared, is that the reason it is behaving very aggressively?... I have kept milk and some dry cat food near by... prepared a cushion also... it didn't eat anything till now... the time is 4:21pm... is this ok??...

Some one please reply...
what else can i do to get acquainted with it a bit soon?...

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Don't chase after it. So far as it knows, you are a monster that is going to eat it. Once it feels safe, it will be more friendly.

Normal milk is not good for cats once they stop nursing. It's likely to give them upset stomach and diarrhea.

You may want to keep the cat in one room, with its food and litter box, so it has the least exposure to new and unfamiliar situations. Sit on the floor in the room, ignore the cat, and work on your laptop or read or otherwise do something that is non-threatening. Do not reach for the cat unexpectedly. Let it come up to you.

Usually in just a few days it will settle in and feel safe with you.

Oh, and wash any scratch or bite very thoroughly. They get infected easily.
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Hi... thanks a lot for the reply...
btw... I am not chasing him anymore... i actually have one hall, kitchen and a room... right now I have kept the fooding, cushion and all in the hall along with the cat.. I have closed my room door and i am working... should i keep it open?...
And you said normal milk is not good, so what should i give him?
If i keep the litter box, will it use it??...

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Regular dry kitten food, with water available. Wet food if you want to. Where are you located? It will depend to some extent on what is available. Kitten food is good, if it's available; it has smaller bits, usually, and higher fat and protein content so the kitten can grow properly.

The cat will use the litter box if it is not somewhere it is afraid to go. Put it in a corner that is quiet, if you can.

It will take a little while for the cat (at four months, still really a kitten) to feel at home. It sounds like you have a small apartment, so it shouldn't be too long. It just needs to feel safe. When it comes up to you, hold out the back of your hand so it can smell you and know who you are.
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Yes I have dry kitten food... I have kept that along with milk... anyways now I have kept water also...

I just wish we get along together very very very soon...

Thanks a lot for your replies... really appreciate it...
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If you read through the various sections, such as "Behavior," you'll find this hiding and timidity is very common at first. It may take a few days, but it will change pretty quickly. Especially if you let the cat in where you sleep, you will probably wake up with it on your bed very soon.
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I really hope that happens soon... me and my sweet little cat... anyways I am not locking the room door from now on... or probably I will sleep in the hall... lets see... I am planning to name the cat as "Brownie"...

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Of course, we'd like to see photos of your kitty!

If you are a first-time cat owner, it can be a pretty steep learning curve.
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Congratulations on your new kitty! As others have mentioned, your kitty will need only water and kitty food (wet/canned or dry). You will need a litter box as you don't want to be cleaning up the accidents your little one has. I also hope you're planning on keeping your new kitty inside and not letting it venture out into the big mean world.

As everyone else has mentioned, be patient and let the kitty come to you. It's normal curiosity will soon emerge and you'll have a friend in a few days.
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Mike gave you very good advice. It is important to let the cat get used to everything and that includes you. He will settle in on his own time table. As much as you want to pet him, he will let YOU know when it is ok.
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