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BK to Vet for Hairball

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Bk aka Bad Kitty and I are new to the Cat Site. He is 1yr old and a Coon Cat Mix. Which means he has very thick soft long hair that is 3 layers thick. He just started having problems with hairballs. I brush him everyday. But when he spit these up they were long and huge! I took BK to the Vet Saturday morning. This was a new Vet for him and he was great. You could tell he loved cats (he had a pet cat that lived at the vet office). He checked Bk all over and gave him Laxatone, 3 big squirts on the tougne. Well last night that big hair ball came up and Bk feels alot better. So per the Vet he has to eat Hairball formula food and get a dose of the Laxatone everyday.
Just wanted to remind everyone that has long hair cats Please watch them. How I noticed he had a problem is, I clean his litterbox everyday and he went one full day with out any poop and the next day just a tiny poop and so on and also was acting very moody. The hairball in his tummy was starting to stop him up.
We are ALL doing better and Bk is back to his funny playfull self.
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welcome to the cat site! Glad your vet was able to help with the hairballs, hopefully the new diet will ease this problem, you may aslo want to change the type of brush, I personally have all short haired cats, but others on this board can tell which brush works best at getting all the lose hairs...

if you have a pic of your furbaby I'd love love to see it!!!
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Every spring I give Max fur ball medicine. They are loosing their winter coats and fur balls are the result. It says on the tube that they are supposed to like the taste, but Max has to be one of the few who hate it. Go figure.
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