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SpikeAdelika, Vlinder & Anne!

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so?! how are the pregnancies going? i havent seen much of you two around,
how is life treating you?

tell me everything that is going on with you, and your pregnancies!

i have missed your posts!
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Hello Blue !! So nice to hear from you... (Sorry, I didn't mean to make that rhyme!)I've been around but my responses have been close to nill. I watch the site from work and work just makes me so tired and poopy that I have no desire to type anything, though I sit back and read. I haven't even written to Janine the whole month since we both found out our exciting news!! I hope her pregnancy is going better than mine.. when we last spoke she was not having any sickness, though I was having tons!!

Anyway, I went to my first DR. appt. yesterday to do all my testing stuff and find out my exact due date!! They still do not know when it is. My tentative dates are from Dec. 9 - Jan. 11th. The reason for this is because my last menstral cycle lasted 3 weeks (due to a new diet I had implemented) and also, because I ended birth control at a different time that month!! I'll go in to get an ultrasound on the 12th of June to find out exactly how many weeks I am and when I will be due! Crazy stuff... although my instincts tell me I'm in my 11th week. There is no hearbeat yet and I have not gained a pound!! I actually weigh 1 pound less, although for some strange reason, pants and shorts are already getting too snug!!

I am very fatigued.. I sleep 9-10 hours a night now and I still feel like I've gotten no rest! Everything goes to baby! I'm very anxious to see the first inside picture of baby!! When I get to a scanner I'll have to get you to upload some pics!

I better go before the boss man comes back! Talk to you all soon!! And Janine -- how are things going with you sweet girl??

Ciao friends!
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so you are in the beginning of your pregnancy then? is this your first
child? i am so excited for you guys, and Anne who has joined you !

i think constantly about children, i have a natural maternal urge, but,
i am determined to wait until i am at least 25-30 - though, i wouldnt
be crying if i was pregnant right now it is probaly for the best though.

i cant wait to see ultrasound photos! this is all so amazing to me.

do you want a boy or a girl? or no preference?

i'd have to say, i want a boy first, then a girl, then one more of each

so 4 - maybe

be sure to keep me updated, talk all you want, i love to hear about it!

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Yes, this is my first pregnancy (I am only 23... turning 24 in June!) and I've only been married since last July!! We are very excited, although I will say it was a bit shocking to find out since it was unplanned. But we wanted children eventually and I guess someone up there must have thought we were ready now! So we're fine with that!! I don't really care which I have first, though I have always wanted a boy first and I know my husband wants a boy as well. We'll be happy with whatever we get!!

I can't believe you want to be a mommy already!! You are not much younger than I am and I am dreading the whole financial aspect and the "where will all my sleep go?" questions! But my sister-in-law had one last December and she was just telling us this past weekend that there's nothing like having your own!! She used to hate hearing other people's kids and smelling other's kids' poo ... but she when it's your own, it's so totally different and it's not as bad!!

I am so excited to raise my own! I can't wait to read to my child all my fun children's books and to go to the park with him/her, and all the fun and crazy stuff that goes along with having a kid! I didn't know that Anne was prego! When did I miss that news?? We are all going to have babies at the same time here! Is that how it works around here.... all of us on TheCatSite get prego at the same time just like women who live together start to get their menses at the same time?? Well, I better go cause it's time to go home and I've been feeling quite under it today!!

Talk to you later!! Christie
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yes, i always wanted to be a mom, i adore children, i am only waiting
because financially i am not ready, nor emotionally, i dont think, yet.

i'll be 21 next week, so, i am still too young, in my opinion.

also, being in love would help though, having a child with my
best-friend is an option, however kooky it sounds, we've talked about it a lot.

i used to 'babysit' for this wonderful woman who lived down the street from
my parents when i was living at home, her daughter was just precious, i was
with her from age 1 to 3 and she turns 4 in August !! and the mother just had another,
a boy this time.

the thing with this is, i was way too attached,
and so was the girl, Kendall - Kendali as i called her

i just loved her so much.

so yes, i am pretty excited about having children, and everything that comes
with it, i think i will be a pretty good mother, as i'm sure you will be too!!!
you, Spike, and Anne - it must be comforting to have others in it with you

let me just say again how happy i am for you and everyone !!

any ideas on names?! that is what i am terrified of, how on earth will
i ever chose a name? i have a hard enough time naming my cats !

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Goodness Mio! What a job giving a name to your children! You know Blue because like you said, it's hard enough naming your cats! But we have been thinking about it quite a bit. If we hear a cool name we write it down. And I try to surf the web whenever I get a chance. So far we have come up with a few that we like ... we like the idea of mixing names we like with names in our families. We came up with one for a girl which would be:
Elise Andr`ea .... (Andr`ea is my Mother's grandmother's name)
and then for a boy we thought of two:
Jonas Ray or Eysten Russ... (Ray is my husband's father's name, and Eysten is his grandmother's father's name, while Russ is my husband's name!) Did I confuse you yet?

I bet you'd be fabulous with kids Blue! You have such a way with words that you could get them to do anything for you! And you seem so loving so I bet any kid would be attracted to your aura! (Just quit smoking so much!) hehe....

YOu know what is just so utterly sad that I saw on TV the other day?? (And I know none of you would do this...) But I was watching Jenny JOnes for a minute the other morning and she had these hookers :girlie: on there who were prego and they were so proud cause they "smoked weed everyday... drank and smoked everyday.. had sex for money..stripped in clubs.. snorted coke.. shot heroine, etc" with blatant disregard for their fetuses!! And one dumb broad had the gall to say, "Well if it's got problems then I can always give it up for someone else to give love to and take care of!" OOOH.. It pissed me off about these dumb girls.. they don't care if their babies come out with birth defects :martian: and I just wanted to go kick the crap out of them all! So I turned off the TV.

Anyway, that was my soapbox.. Sorry. I better go and get ready to start my weekend soon! Only one more hour and I'm out early!!
Have a GREAT weekend!
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Well... I'm only on my 5th week - that's real early! I am also tired all the time! I slept for 10 hours last night (I usually sleep 6-7 hours a night) and I swear I could go on sleeping if I didn't have to get up!

Nausea spells are also creeping up on me. Not too bad so far but I suspect it'll get worse soon. This is not my first pregnancy, so I feel kinda experienced I just hope this one ends better!
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Blue, Christie & Anne.

I am well, just been feeling totally ill for the past 2 weeks, but managing to eat. I have also such bad hayfever and you cannot take anything for it at all. So I have been really miserable aswell. But Tarryn has been so good, looking after me and cooking me dinner every night. I must say I have started to put on weight, none of my pants fit me anymore except the ones that were a bit loose to begin with. I keep telling myself that as soon as the baby is born I am off to the gym to sort this out. I have had to buy larger bra's too. And I was doing so well with the diet and exercise program from Catarina. Ahhh well it will have to wait for about a year now.

I have been sleeping so much. I get home from work and I am totally bushed. It's amazing what an effect this has on you. This is also my first so its all new. Both my sister have kids so I am asking them a lot of things all the time. But the one is still in South Africa and the other one an hour away so I do not see her too often.

We have dedided on a boys :karate: name but not a girls :girlie: yet. Although my sister in law says we cannot use the boys name as if she has children she want to call her son Joshua. So we will have to see what happens as Tarryn says that is the name he want if it is a boy and that is that!

I am going for a scan but only in July. I am not sure I can wait that long, but in the UK it's all done on the NHS, if you want to go private it cost about £5000. So I guess I will just have to wait.

Boy I think we are all in for more than we thought but its gonna be a fun ride.
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Here comes the nausea! Yuk! Yuk!

You know, I haven't even seen the doctor yet. I figured after last time, there's no rush. I'll go for my first ultrasound in the 9-10 week, when we should get more info from the scan.
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My scan is booked for the 3rd July. I will be in week 14. It just seems so long away. I will make sure I get a picture and post it on the site.
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HI Guys!! I have been so tired lately! All I do on my lunches is fall asleep in my car for an hour. What a drag... all I want to do when I go home is veg on the couch as well... This being pregnant thing is hard! I have been especially sick this week.. throwing up everyday since Monday night

Good news though... I went for my Ultrasound on Tuesday and found out exactly how far along I am and when I am due!! I am 13 weeks this week and am due on December 13,2001. (It would be even more special of a day since that is my mother's birthday as well!) Well we also got to see our little babe on the screen and it was just PRECIOUS! No bigger than 2 inches at this time but we could see the brain fluid, spinal cord, little fingers, etc! My hubby was very giddy!! The doctor's office gave us pictures (which I have yet to get my hands on a scanner and send them in..) and also a complementary video of the ultrasound.

It was a very cool experience!! It felt so good just to see that something was actually in there instead of just feeling the sickness from it without seeing it! We are so excited!

Just wanted to check in! Talk to you all soon!

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For all of you that have sick spells, you can eat anything with salt. Drink lime soda. Also lemon and lime juice might help. When I was pregnant with my kids, I didn't feel very sick, except when I had to take prenatal vitamins. But I ate salty snacks, sprite, and would slice a lime or lemon and start to suck on it. Helped alot. Hope this works for you women.
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I am so happy for you. It must be wonderful to have had the scan. Mine is coming around soon as well.

I have also been feeling really tired and even fell in my chair at work the other day at lunch time with my mouth open. It was so embarrassing .

I have also been feeling ill and what Nena say does work. Also digestive biscuits and lucazade does the trick aswell.

Anne how have you been doing?

Speak to you all agian soon.
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HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm so sorry i forgot... how was it?!?! did you have a good time?

i really hope you did

get in here and tell us all about it!!!
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hey, vlinder, where are you, girl? how is the pregnancy going?

Spike, what about you? how are you doing?

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Hey *BLUE*

I'm so sorry, I saw your Happy Birthday thread earlier this week and totally forgot to respond to it... that's the whole 'Pregnant woman forgetfulness' thing happening!!!

My bday was nice and relaxing! My hubby and I planned a weekend get-a-way to another part of Utah. We went to a wedding and attended an evening play in the park and spent two nights in a nice hotel with a jetted tub!!! I just love getting away to relax and veg! I got presents from my family, mostly baby and maternity stuff!! No big parties or anything just a big dinner out on Thursday (which I came home and puke right after). The pregnancy has taken over my life and rest is a huge part of everything now-a-days so I was really happy to just go and be in a quiet area and away!!

The pregnancy is going good I should say! Holy Cow I am getting BIGGER!!!! My tummy looks so bloated! People tell me I don't look preggers but they don't see me nekked! I sent my ultrasound pics up to a friend of mine in our SLC office because he has a scanner there so he is working on that for me.. I'll send you my pics to post whenever I get them back!

My morning sickness is pretty much gone! I got really lucky and didn't experience it until I was almost 2 months along.. so I only had a few days out of the last month and half that I was really sick! But fatigue has definately taken over my life, as soon as work is done, so am I.. I lay down for the rest of the night! And honey, I would definately recommend getting your back taken care of before you consider having children!! It takes a toll on you even when you don't have terrible back problems! I am very restless all night long because positioning is just so hard!!

Well, I better take off now before I turn into a novel! Talk to you later chicky!

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i am glad to hear it's going well and smoothly it sounds like you had a very nice birthday as well

it sounds very similar to what i did for my birthday last year

there's really nothing like just relaxing and vegging out with a loved one for a weekend,
especially in a jetted hot tub :tounge2: that's the way i like to spend every weekend

remember Vlinder, Spike and Anne this thread is designed for every complait you might have
and every joy you experience, talk talk talk your heads off about what you're experiencing
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Sheesh!! I am so extremely tired today!! Can someone please send me a WHOPPING room full of positive energy my way to get my butt going!!! (And also, some toothpicks to keep my eyelids open...)
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awww, i'll send you all the extra energy i have, Christie, and a big, warm hug

if you're at home, lie down on the couch, or in bed,
and watch your favourite movie and snooooooze

and if you're at work, think about snooooozing when you get home!
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I would love to send you some energy, but once I hit 28 weeks (2 weeks ago) I lost what little energy I did have for the few weeks I had it. I need some energy so I can get into nesting, I want to do it, I just can't wake up long enough to! Plus it's been sooooo hot that I don't want to do anything til the sun goes down and it cools off, but I work nights and only get one day off. And really, who wants to clean on their only day off?
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I had my scan done and it all turned out fine. I don't want to post the pic here as it is 127kb but if you would like to take a look have a look at this URL
Scan Pic
you can actually see most of the baby. It's amazing to actually see it move and the heartbeat. It makes it all seem so real now, and scary.

How are you girls doing?

:tounge2: :tounge2:
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Ooooh.... so cute! Do you know if it's a she or a he? If you don't want to tell it's okay.

I've had several scans and I intend to put them on the net as well. I want to start a website for the baby when I get the time.

I'm having a major scan in 2 weeks, where they check all the systems etc.
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no we do not know if its a he or a she yet. We have another scan in August but we are not going to find out, at least I think not. I want it to be a surprise.

Good luck with the next scan.
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Haven't heard too much from you two about your pregnancies!! And Spike, I haven't even seen you around TheCatSite!! Where are you?!!

Well, like I said.. How are they going?? Mine is good! I am 30 weeks tomorrow! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon! My blood pressure jumped from 118/70 to 132/70 and now to 140/70!! I believe he will measure again to see if it's still going up and then probably administer the protieninuria (?) test to see if I have pre-eclampsia!! I'm not too worried. If I have it, I look forward to prescribed bedrest! (It'll get me away from this stressful job of mine a little bit earlier!!) But of course I don't want anything to happen to me or baby!

If you haven't heard, we're having a girl! I can feel her moving around so much, it's pretty awesome! The first time my hubby felt her was on the WTC disaster day (9/11/01) a day we will not forget now for a couple reasons!! Our nursery is almost put together! We found a *great* ChildCraft crib at a garage sale! It's really in perfect condition, and it was only $40. We really lucked out!! But then again, it's those ritzy neighborhoods that are always worth going to for great furniture! The crib is built out of Oak, and in high school my husband built 3 Oak pieces which we will pick up from his mother's house and put in the baby's room, in exchange for one of his other masterpieces!

Well, would love to hear from you all! Until then!
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So nice to hear from you !! I have been so busy at work recently that by the time I get home the last thing I feel like doing is getting online. I know its lazy.

We still have not found out if its a boy or a girl so we will only find out on the day. My blood pressure is also going up everytime I go to the doctor, and my back is aching something terrible. I only have a week and a half of work left though so thats the real good part, I cannot wait to stop the 7 hours of standing a day.

We have not done any preparing for the baby yet so I have a lot to do once I am finally off.

Keep well and I will be around here more often soon

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I'm on week 23 and so far so good. Had a lot of scary moments with this pregnancy - I do hope there'll be no more of these!

We're having a second major scan next week. In Israel you have 2 major ultra sound scans, each lasting about 40 minutes. There are specialists for that and they are supposed to check each and every organ to make sure that the baby is okay. The first scan is done in weeks 14-16 vaginally (we had it and everything was fine). The second one is in weeks 22-26 and we're having that one next Monday. Other than than I think I've had 8 regular US scans so far so I feel quite familiar with our little boy

I am waiting for the result of a toxoplasmosis test I had to do 3 weeks ago. The results are late because it's the holidays here and the labs are closed most of the days I hope I didn't catch it and that everything will be fine.

My blood pressure is really behaving itself so far I gained a lot of weight (not all of it is the baby's fault ) so I was afraid I might get high BP but so far so good.

We painted the house this week and we're going to visit friends with babies this week to learn more about the necessary equipment before we start shopping.

Thanks for the update Spike and Vlinder!
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