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Any tips?

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Hey all,

We recently moved from an apartment to a house and apart from walking around like the sky was falling for about 4 days, the boys are now used to the space and are zooming around it like its a nascar track. It was amusing seeing them get used to stairs for the first time haha.

My question is regarding Winston. Now he's healthy, happy, not loosing any weight (11lbs) and is still eating his dry food, but he has decided wet isn't for him any more. Just like that. It started about 1 week after we moved. (we've been here 4 weeks now) Murphy still wolfs it down at the speed of light as if I aint fed him in the last 17 weeks.

I've been researching on the interweb and read that the stress of moving can change a cats habits, or the movement of a food bowl can make them finicky. So taking that on board, I moved his food bowl to the same place in the house as it was in the apartment. No joy. He just sniffed it and "buried" it for later.

I also read that sometimes they can go off the food bowl that its served in. So I brought a new bowl. No joy!

So I thought, well maybe he's bored of the brand of wet food, so went and got a few samples of others and tried him over a week. No joy. Sniffs and Buries it! (In the mean time Murphy thinks his hit the jackpot with all this extra wet coming his way haha)

Like I said I'm not overly worried as I've read on here that cats just can go off wet food and prefer dry and he's still eating his dry food, and actually he ate some salmon I cooked for dinner the other day. Its just kinda frustrating and I wish I could just figure out why he don't like it anymore.

Has this happened to anyone and do you have any tips or did you figure it out lol?

Merry Christmas and thankies! =)
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Maybe Winston is giving up wet food for the New Year and wanted an early start. Nutrition wise he's getting what he needs from his dry food. Wet food provides a cat with a lot of water, since he's given up on it for now just make sure he still visits the water bowl regularly. If he stops eating his dry as well there could be a problem.
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Java did that a couple of years ago. up until then, she was sharing a can w/Cable most nights... then she just stopped eating wet.
i now have 3 wet & dry eaters, & 2 dry-only eaters
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