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Need board magic fast! Hoots is at the Vet

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She had a bloody stool this am. She is at the vet now. I am crying. Have to get off line to wait for phone call.
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That's always a worrying time Hope she's ok

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Tamara, sending Board Magic your well as hugs to you and Hoots!
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Board Magic coming to Hoots! I hope she is OK!!!!

And (((((HUGS))))) to you!
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Tamara, it is probably worms- this is the time of year for it. Please try and calm down and let us know when the vet gets back to you.
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I got hoots back from the vet. That was the longest 3 hrs of my life.
Hoots is ok. She dosnt have a fever and her bowels felt ok. The stool sample didnt show much in the way of parasites, their thinking it might be bacterial. I have some medication for her.

I knew it was just some sort of bowel irrataion, but seeing blood all over her back end freaked me out a bit. Imean to say...alot! She is so glad to be home. I let her out of her carrier and she turned around and hissed at it a good 5 times. I went and tucked her into bed now. Shes had an exciting day.

And I got a little good news. Hoots is 13.5 lbs, she used to be 16lbs. her diet is working.
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Tamara.... im relieved that Hoots cat is on the mend now. I am thinking about hoots and sending get well wishes too.
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I'm glad everything is OK with Hoots! Have a quiet day!
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I'm glad things are okay and give Hoots some gratulatory hugs from me for the weight loss!
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Oh Tamara, I'm just now seeing this... I know how awful it is to just sit and wait and not know!!!! (((((HUGS)))))!!!!!!

But I'm sure glad it looks like Hoots is going to be just fine! Good luck with the meds, LOL!

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I just now saw this too. I'm glad Hoots will be ok!!!!!
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Ohhh, I'm sorry! Sending good vibes from GA! I'll pray for her! I hope she's OK!
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I'm glad to hear Hoots is okay!
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Glad to hear she's OK!!!!
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Whew, give Hoots some extra skritches for me and the fur-brats.
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So glad that everything is ok! Head bumps to Hoots from The Pride here!
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Good to hear that Hoots is going to be okay.

About the hissing at the carrier, wash it out well with vinegar and water and then let it air dry. Sprinkle some catnip in it and set it out in a room she frequents with the door propped open.Otherwise, next time you go to put her in there, you are going to have a major cat fight on your hands.
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I just want to Thank You all for your well wishes. Reading them made me feel soooo much better. What a wonderful place this forum is! Hoots seems a bit better today. Im waiting for her to have a bowel movment to check for blood. But she dosent have diarreha and thats a good sign. Binky is getting jealous because im pampering Hoots.
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LOL Tamara

Don't you know you have to divide your time exactly equally between your cats, even if one is sick?

I use a calculator to work out exactly the right time to spend with each of my babies!

........ 24 hours
----------------------------- = Lots and lots and lots of cuddles and scritches!
4 cats + baby kittens

So glad Hoots is on the mend.
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