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Moose & Lucy Round One - All Quiet for Now?

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Moose and Lucy have never been the best of friends, but a couple hours ago she chased him down, cornered him and came away with a mouthful of his fur. Moose got all upset; I picked him up and carried him out to the living room and sat him on my lap, speaking soothingly, hoping he'd calm down a little. When that didn't work too well, I brought out the large "time out" cage I've used during reintroductions. Moose went right inside and I shut the door, just for safety, and brought out a bag of treats. Lucy and Rocky came running and they all shared some treats within a few feet of one another, which seemed to have done the trick, so far. I've used food as a diversion in the past and it's worked.
Moose is still in the crate with the door open, sleeping, and she's laying not too far away and all's calm. I may stay up all night just in case I need to referee again!
How long do cats remember things like this? Is it possible they've both forgotten and will get along as before?
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I would put the aggressor (Lucy) on time out next time. In my experience, food was never a cause for fighting or stopping a fight, but given as a treat for aggression/mischief only reinforces the bad behavior.
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I would have to agree with above, it sounds like Moose is retrieving into the carrier to hide, and this is more like punishment then the other receiving treats.
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Everything's been quiet and normal since Wednesday night, as if nothing ever happened!

I did not mean to give the impression Moose was stuffed into a carrier and ignored until he calmed down. The "cage" is a huge crate for dogs, open on all sides, except the bottom, which I normally keep in the bedroom and has comfy pillows in it and is used as a napping spot when not in service after spats.

Both Moose and Lucy spent time in there, just to safely gauge the reaction of one "combatant" to the other.

I've always used food as part of reintroductions and as a diversion, but not immediately so as not to reinforce unwanted behavior; all three get treats at the same time and it's worked well.
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