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Why does my Kitty love plastic bags so much?

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My Kitty just loves to jump, run, and hide into them.

She is just so cute.
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My kitties love them, too. I just have to make sure they can't get at any plastic bags when I'm not right there to watch them. A cat can die of strangulation or suffocation just as quickly as a child can.

Hiding the bags isn't as easy as it sounds. I've found a giant plastic bag in the middle of the living room that they had somehow managed to pull out from under the pantry door. Mostly I put them in the garbage can as soon as the kitties are through with them.
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My Meghan is utterly fascinated with anything that has even the smallest amount of plastic in it. She sit and lick and chew and then eat it. Even the lint rollers that come off in sticky little sheets! I've had to upgrade my cleaning a bit to make sure there's never anything left around for even short periods of time.
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My kitty loves plastic bags too. I have an old microwave in my kitchen that hasn't been used for years that I store my plastic bags in so she can't get to them when I'm not around.

She loves paper bags too. I left a the empty bag out from her kitty litter and after a while I hear this noise like she's destroying the kitchen, and I have a look in and I see the paper bag moving around erraticly, then all of a sudden she jumps out then runs straight back into it. It's her new favourite toy.
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Stratus really likes them, too. =P He would pick one up in his mouth and run through the house with it. =P
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Boxes are fun too, cardboard is best and wrapping paper
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If you let them play with plastic bags, keep an eye on them, and cut the handles so the kitty can't get her head caught in it.

Paper bags can be a lot of fun.

Check out my threads on cheap toys:

There's another showing how to make a toy out of a sheet of masking paper, but I can't seem to find it.

Ah, here it is:

And some of them in use:
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Both of my kitties love to climb inside and lay on plastic bags. They climb in, then "attack" the kitty outside the bag. I try to get the really big bags, if possible. It's great fun to watch!!

I make sure to cut the handles and I put them away when finished. I also rotate their toys so there's always something new for them to play with and they don't lose interest. I'm going to do the paper and string thing for them, too.
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my old cat sabastian has always loved paper bags...its so cute, to this day when i bring something home in a bag and leave the bag on the floor hes right in it
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They are one of Sport's favorite things to play with. That's my kitty...He has literally $100's of dollars of toys, but his favorite things to play with are a plastic bag and a Q-tip.
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Aren't they made with some sort of fish or fat by product or something or have I been watching too much TV? Some of them have it added for shine or something....

Anyway I'm always very careful because my cats would sleep in them if they could!
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