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Three cuties:)

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Hello everyone:

I just took some pics of three of my sweeties. They just ate and are soo tired and sleepy, hehe!

Ok, here is the first:
Princess and Baddy just relaxing

Here on the left you can see Flaqui, she is Baddy's Mom, she is still very protective of him, she stepped is to see what I was doing to her boy, whenever I get close to Baddy or when I hold him, she is always watching. Don't worry Flaqui, pics are safe

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Adorable Pictures.The second picture is my favorite it's so sweet that Flaqui is still protective of her son.
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That is so cute that mama cat still wants to protect her son!

And she's a cutie herself! ETA: I love her little white toes!
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What beautiful sweethearts!
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Thank you all so much

And to think that Flaqui (mamma cat) was a feral, I never toight I would be able to tame her and look at her now, adter she was spayed she has thrived and she gained weight and she is such a happy girl. I love her

I love all my babies
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Precious kitties. What a cute thought, protective momma So sweet
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haha the one on the left looks like they are gonna jump up and pounce your camera!
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Thank you all haha, yes Flaqui looks like she is going to attck me, and I think she would if the thinks I'm going to harm her boy.
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That is soooo sweet.

I dont know if I ever told you, but my cats are a Momma cat (Easy) and the rest are her babies that I kept. She was a feral cat, too

Its amazing what love and patience can do for a cat. My Mother cat still loves her babies, dearly. She grooms them and loves on them everyday. They will turn 6 years old in Feb
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Wow, Pami, I didn't know Easy was the Mommy of your other kitties, that is awesome! I wish I could have kept all of Falqui's kittens, I love them so much, but they are is great homes, thank God

Your kitties are gorgeous! That is so swet how she still takes car of them, mommy cats are the best!

Yes, I think most kitties can be tame, all you need is love and patience, Flaqui was very aggresive and she was mad at me because she didn't want me near her babies and she is still protective, but she has changed a lot, she is a great kitty
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