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Well, this year we took the plunge and got our kitties a small cat tree for christmas. (we celebrate our family Christmas a day early so they got thier prezzie yesterday) Since niether of them are but jumpers or climbers, but they like a bit of height, it's just a little two tier one with spots for both of them. We've avoided cat furniture in the past because, well, they simply ignore it but we figured what the heck. (and it had a decent return policy) Well, within 10 minutes of setting it up, Freya had proudly killed the one jingling toy (they're replaceable so she's actually meant to be able to kill it) and this morning we walked out to find her lounging on the upper tier and Cooton out cold on the bottom. Yay!

I figured I'd tell this story hree, where people wouldn't look at me like I'm nuts for worrying about whether my kitties liked thier Christmas present.
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Yay!!! That's great that the kitties like their present!!!
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That's great that they like it. By chance, will you be posting pics?

(I'm looking for ideas for a cat tree..)
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Here it is:

It seems pretty small compared some of the ones I've seen, but they like it, so I'm happy.

Original Photo
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I'm glad to see that they like their new tree, it looks like fun too
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