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Daily Thread Dec 24th

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Morning All!!!

Well since Trouts Mom is away for the holidays guess I will do the thread today.

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who celebrates this particular holiday.

Snowing as usual here, we got quite a lot overnight so guess snow clean-up is on my things to do list today.

Hoping the weather improves as I have several family members traveling in from different locals for tomorrow. If it doesn't improve by later today I don't think they will want to travel, and you certainly can't blame them.

I am going to my sister's tomorrow morning but it's only 30 minutes away so that's not so bad.

Nothing much planned for today just puttering.

The cats decided it was a good sleeping day and all went back to bed.

Everyone have a good one.
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Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who celebrates and happy Hanukkah to everyone who celebrates that as well! (I do both)

TOday I am just finishing up wrapping presents and then I head to church around 3:30 and play one mass then go to grandmas then its back to church for the midnight mass. SO I will prob get home around 3am or so which means my fiance will have to light the next candle on hte menorah by himself to night.

Then its back to church tomorrow morning for the morning christmas mass then off to mom and dads for the day. (by this time I'm usually so tired I just fall asleep on the couch)
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HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! Today I've got to vacum the house, clean the kitchen, help put the presents under the tree, and this evening we're going to the five o'clock Christmas Eve service. The temps are in the sixties today, yeah, real Christmas weather! Hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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merry christmas eve to everyone who celebrates and happy holidays to everyone! my family and bf and i have a tradition where we open some of our presents today and save some for tomorrow, so my floor is covered with boxes, bows, and wrapping paper and the cats are having so much fun i decided to leave it like that til after tomorrow...i think they will prob like the left overs from the presents better than their actually presents.

we had an ice storm this morning but its warming up now...will be making the xmas eve family rounds...
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Just 4 more hours until the family arrives. I just have to clean the living room and bathroom and find time to shower. LoL Hubby is running out to get the fish and alcohol. Mom's still cooking and setting up cookie trays.

Tomorrow Hubby and I are going to his mother's house and Mom is going to my cousins.
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Merry Christmas Eve!
My Aunt,Uncle,and Cousin are coming over and my grandparents and me are having dinner with them and exchanging gifts.
Tomorrow my grandparents and I are going to watch It's a wonderful life IMO the greatest christmas movie ever.
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Merry Christmas everyone. I have just finished the goodie trays for tonight. a veggie tray. cheese, meat and crackers, and of course the baked goodies. tomorrow will crazy the kids will be up at six. We are just having our family, the 5 of us this year. I will put the turkey in the oven in the morning, just play will the kids, nibble and watch movies tomorrow. . Everybody have a good one
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My girlies have opened a couple of Christmas pressies and had a Christmas feast! I'll be spending tonight with my BF. We're making the my mushroom lasagna that's in the tcs cookbook. Merry Christmas everyone!
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