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Green Cat

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Hello Everyone

I was bored and thought I'd share something with you guys

As you know I breed and show Persian Cats , with My Family . And a fellow cat fancier whom shows de sexed White Persians , who we have sold a few Red Self Persians too had a bit of a traumatic experience lately , We are not really friends with her b'cause she is a bit of a stirrer and tries to make good friends NOT friends if you know what I mean , well she came home from work one day , after work to her small home and found that one of her black bi-color's Charli was outside and now her cats are strictly out door cats and she never leaves any doors or windows open unless there is any mesh on it and Charli is 13 so he's an old fella that has never been outside before and then after she had got over that and she went into her bedroom and found her Red Tabby 'Crusin sitting on her bed BUT he wasn't red tabby he had been dyed green , YES someone had gone into her house and dyed the poor fella green , I don't like her but couldn't help feeling sorry for her , So Maria ( as she was named ) & her friend Heather rang the police and the police said b'cause it was nothing harmful or it didn't include humand , they couldn't do anything , That makes me angry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Police obv. don't realise that pets have feling as well , It makes me <---- SICK

Also , Another thing , Speeches we have school speeches at the moment . & I have chosen to do "Dog Attacks" Seeing as Dogs in NZ are a real problem and SOOOO many attacks against children have been made , Well I guess if I go on anymore about WIT ( What I Think ) it should belong in the IMO board, So I will leave it at that , I just had to Vent & Share

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I can't believe anyone could be so mean to a cat to dye it green! Was it out of jealousy?

There was a cat born in England who's fur is green. Scientists thought at first that the owner had dyed the cat but they did tests and found that the green colour goes right down into the follicles of the cat's fur. He's in the Guiness Book of Records.

I saw a TV program about showing cats once and the competitors were saying that other competitors do all sorts of things to make sure other's cats don't win. Is that why this cat was dyed?
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It made me so mad as well , I had forgotton why the cat was dyed green before but I just suddenly remembered , Maria was staying in a flat and she has around 8 cats and she had an affair with the Landlord of the Flat and the Landlords wife & Landlords daughter of course had keys to the flat and they broke in and done it , It was in Local news and everything !! , And another thing is The Wife is dying of cancer and has only been given a few more months to live and she would of been very jelous. Anyway the Landlords wife ( BTW a Landlord is the person that manages the Flat ( House ) that the Tennant lives in ) said to her husband , I know about you and Maria and if you don't end it and kick her out of the flat then I will leave you , So anyway Maria got kicked out and now she is staying with a friend and her cats are at a Boarding Cattery.

Wow , That's interesting about the REAL Green cat, That would be weird , What Guniess Record book was he in , I might search for info on him , here on the web

Yes , That's true that other people so nasty stuff, Like putting "Ringworm" Spores into other cats cage and poison and someone even STOLE a cat from My Cat Clubs show last year , But it wasn't the case in this incodent

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I can't remember where I read it, I thought it was Guinness World Records...I'll have a look around and let you know.
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Thank You Tania
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I remember that story!!! I thought it was in Ireland?? Maybe cuz it was green LOL I kept the newspaper article for years on my fridge! I thought for sure folks would have bred it into a new color like they did the scottish fold! I think a green Persian would be lovely! Of course Green is my fav color!
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From Messybeast.com:

In 1995, a green kitten "Miss Greeny" was born in north-west Denmark. Mrs Pia Bischoff found the green kitten near a hay loft. Its fur and even its claws were green and the discovery created a sensation among zoological experts in the country and geneticists hoping the colour was due to a genetic mutation. Mrs Bischoff, whose 5 year old daughter adopted the kitten, said she had tried to wash out the colour without success. A vet who examined the cat said it was perfectly healthy but confirmed that it had a copper patina, apparently present since birth, from the tip of its fur to the hair follicles. There was a similar human case in a southern Swedish town in which the hair of several blonde women turned green due to the amount of copper present in corroded water pipes.

The green colouration did in fact turn out to be due to the high copper content in water in the area - this had caused a verdigris effect on the kitten's grey fur. Such high levels of copper are often toxic. The kitten and her 5 year old owner became celebrities for a while, but the green colour vanished as the kitten moulted her coat and new fur grew through; the new fur was unaffected by copper because the kitten was no longer drinking copper-rich water.

The quote is from an article on feline medical curiosities. It's interesting, but be warned. There are some disturbing pictures. You have been warned
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How awful for someone to do this to that poor kitty..
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Thank you for the information Christy & I agree Kathy but Teresa, wouldn't you be shocked to come home and find your kitty dyed green ?

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OMG! That's awful! How could anyone do that to a kitty?!?!?!
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I would be very surprized to find a green cat at home. Most of my kitties are dark colored so green would have to be extreme for me to notice it! Although if I had a litter of whites ready for Easter... Food coloring wears off after awhile! LOL
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Ok Teresa
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I don't think it SO MEAN, back in high school we colored Whiskas, my friends white cat, with kool-aid. He was blue, then turned green, and just lighter and lighter. It wasn't harmful....I mean kool-aid!!
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Well Dali , Its more mean that someone broke into her house !!!!! and would touch her cats , I would be so upset if this happened to me !
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Oh, I had no idea they broke in and did that. How melicious and evil, yet odd things to do. Poor kitty outside and scared.
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Thanks for understanding
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