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Urinating on my bed, why???

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Have a female cat around one year old that has not being fixed.

IN roughly the last month this cat has a really bad habit of urinating on the doona/quilt.

A male cat from the same litter does not do this and the litter box is clean so don't know why she is doing this.

Is it normal behavior for a female cat that has started menstruation?

Hanging out quilts, cleaning covers etc is a real pain so could some one please, please, pleaseeeee give me some advise on how to stop her from messing up my bed.
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this is hormonal - the only way to stop it, is to get hey spayed/fixed.
Make sure to wash the quilt and clean the bed with an enzyme cleaner, so she doesn't go back there.
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Anytime a cat ever starts urinating outside of a litter box, the first thing to look for is a urinary tract infection and needs to be treated by a vet, as soon as possible because it can be painful for a cat.

A cat does not mentruate.

Your kitty also will need to be spayed. You can read the health risks of an unspayed cat that can develop from cancer to pyometra and many things in between. Not to mention the stress of going in and out heat for your cat.
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Thank you for your replies carolinalima and Pami.

Came home last night to find the the bed wet AGAIN.

Off to the vet next week for this bed wetting furball
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besides the spay/spray thing [which is very likely] she also could have a urinary tract infection. often cats w/UTIs will urinate outside the box because they associate the box w/the pain urination is causing them.

my Pixel has gone once in her 11 year life outside of her box - she chose to awaken me one morning by peeing on my pillow [would've been my head, but i sat up REALLY fast! ]. hers was UTI related; she was spayed at 4 months of age.

once all medical issues are ruled out/treated, if the behavior persists, try the CatAttract litter. it works really, really well! while it can be ordered online [like everything these days :rolleyes] my loca Petsmart carries it, as well as the attractant you can add to plain, unscented clay litters.

oh, & welcome to TCS!
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