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Are you ready?

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for Christmas that is?

I think I'm ready. Might have some grocery items and last min. stuff to do tomorrow.... but I think that's it for shopping.

Now, wrapping is a different story entirely

Happy Holidays everyone

I cannot believe how fast xmas always comes. Seems like just yesterday it was Nov.
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Getting ready means doing laundry tomorrow - I know... sad! X-mas with friends.... not the same as with family.... so.... I suppose I am!
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I delivered to our Arlington store this afternoon. It's next to a very large mall, and the traffic was just stupid. It's a tight dock at the best of times, and having to maneuver around hundreds of four-wheelers who are unpredictable makes it even harder.

Of course, if they weren't out there, I wouldn't have a job!
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I'm ready. My gifts are all wrapped and ready to go. Most of them are going up to my moms house after work tonight. I only had to make one thing to eat and its done and in the fridge.

Now I just need to get through this 9 hour work day with only 4 hours of sleep and I will be good.
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I finished making the squeaker toy for our neighbors dog this morning (there are more dogs and cats on my Christmas list than people), then finished wrapping every last present. The only thing I still have to do is drive to the store and pick up 3 pounds of shrimp for tomorrow.

But I'm calling myself essentially done. Baking cookies today is entirely optional.
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My new years resolution : to be ready for Christmas 2wks in advance LOL.
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yup I'm ready...I just have to wrap some last minute gifts and do my nails.
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Almost. I just finished wrapping I have to pack my travel bag...
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Yes finished up my shopping last night i am ready!!! We go about 2 1/2 hrs to visit my family...i cant wait to see everyone
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I have to bake pies today and wrap some more presents. Other than that, I'm pretty much ready.
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All ready here, not that much is going to be happening
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I have to bake some goodies today and make some snacks, but other then that I think I am ready.

I do have to send Eric on a 1 last grocery store run witch I am sure he is going to be happy about that lol. Grocery Store on Christmas eve is a nightmare.

I had all the wraping done, but Flower and Figaro decided they wanted to open presents last night while we were alseep so I have to do it again today
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I agree!! This year has gone so fast.

I'm ready in the sense that all the pressies are wrapped. Our tree hasn't been decorated yet, though. We're going to do that before going to church. We bought shatterproof ornaments b/c Milo was climbing the tree. I guess we don't really need those anymore b/c Nora ignores the tree...or at least she does right now when it is just a normal looking tree in our dining room. LOL

I'm not ready to spend the evening with my parents with bickering, fighting, insults flying, etc. Anyone here want to be my body double?? lol
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My day has been busy so far. Mostly cleaning, laundry and try to get ready. I had a new mattress set delivered to I had to make sure Toby was locked away so he wouldn't sneak out the door. I'm not really ready. Tomorrow will be more relaxing (I hope) Today is just cleaning and cooking At least all my presents are wrapped!
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I sure hope I am
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