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Enzo Furrari--Pic heavy

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Well, I returned home for winter break from Texas and took some pictures of my little guy. I've been looking forward to taking pictures of him since I left my SLR at home.

He is an abandoned kitten that followed my roommate and I home, back in August. He was severely malnourished when we found him. I'm happy to report that he is doing great now. The only issue I am having is that he appears to have picked up fleas and tape worm from my roommate's cat. Anyways, he is on Praziquantel, has a healthy appetite and should be fine.

Without further ado, here is the little guy:

When we got him:

Recent pictures:

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He is gorgeous! Wow, what a difference from when you got him! Congrats!
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He's gorgeous, his coat is SO nice
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What an adorable little face! Definitely a character, you can see it in the eyes!
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He's beautiful!

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wow def a HUGE difference from when u got him, gorgeous cat.

i had a black cat that i got from following me home too, this cat would follow me EVERYWHERE. i wanted to make him an indoor cat but it was impossible, where there was a will, there was a way, this cat would dig out screens, jump out 3rd floor windows and manage to get down unscathed and come back...

after a few years one time he never came back..
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Oh wow he's gorgeous! He reminds me of my Spooky who is all black with orange eyes, and adopted me also!

He looks fabulous since you have him, I'm sure he's glad to have you!
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As the others have said, what a transformation!

He's developed into a HANDSOME young fellow who is obviously flourishing under your care.

ETA: The Goddess Bastet would be pleased!
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Thanks for the replies guys...errr girls.

Yeah, it's quite a striking transformation, indeed. I, myself, didn't realize it until I pulled up the older pictures from August. It seems he is exponentially growing with everyday.

It's nice to get some time off school and work and get a chance to play with him. Actually, I am visiting my folks for the holidays and coming from a non-pet household I was a bit reluctant as to how they would take the little guy into their household. We've been here for ten days and they absolutely love him to death. It seems everyone wants to play with him. In years past we would all be huddled in front of the television every evening, now it's everyone huddled around Enzo watching and playing with him! I fear the folks will miss him more than me!

Anyways, thanks for all the compliments.

Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
He's gorgeous, his coat is SO nice
Thank you. Actually, I might attribute that to a free 2lbs sample bag of Iams premium protection. They heavily advertise a sleeker coat and some additional nutrients to enhance it. I have not taken the time to investigate it deeper, but it could be that or perhaps the additional wet food I am feeding him or the additional love he is receiving.

Originally Posted by cheylink View Post
What an adorable little face! Definitely a character, you can see it in the eyes!
Oh yeah! This guy keeps my hands busy, but I love it.

Originally Posted by JellyBella View Post
He's beautiful!

Thanks. I was itching to pull out the SLR and snap some shots all the time while at school.

Again, thanks for all the compliments. Happy Holidays to everyone.
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He's handsome!! You've really done a great job Love the name too
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