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PKD Testing

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Hello this is just out of a matter of interest , From one breeder to another Do you guys get your Cats PKD Tested ( Polcystic Kideny Disease ) , This Question I suppose is more for Persian Breeders , I am going to insert a link to a site on PKD so you can read more about it , I personally don't get my cats PKD Tested but some of the kittens we have imported have been PKD tested and are Negative ( Positive means they have PKD and Negative means they don't ) , It is a fast killer and is not contagious its inherited by its Sire or Dam , In NZ it's really a big thing and people have had their whole Persian Cattery die from it, There is not much good Ultrasound Equipment here and not close enough , I also think its around $150 !! to get one cat tested , but I suppose in reality that's a good thing b'cause if you take the risk and sell a kitten with PKD to someone and they complain to the NZCF ( New Zealand Cat Fancy ) Then you can loose your Breeding Prefix

Interested in hearing your thoughts .

PKD Information

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I'm not a breeder but own a Persian with advanced PKD- learning about the disease has caused me a lot of heartbreak- when I lose my furbaby I will want another Persian but would never buy from a breeder who did not test all their breeding cats and be willing to show me the parent cats ultrasound results. I'm sure you are aware that studies have shown that a high proportion of Perisan cats in NZ and Australia were positive for PKD only a few years ago.
My present cat was adopted as an adult and not from a breeder.
There has been a PKD 'discussion' between breeders recently on www.persian-cats-com. For a couple it almost destroyed their entire carefully built up breeding catteries.
One of the breeders is in New Zealand and mentioned a vet she trusts for PKD screening.
Another good site on the subject is www.felinepkd.com. There is a message board linked that also has the views of breeders.
Both sites may be good resources if you are looking for places where your cats can be screened.
I hope you are able to do so- its obvious you care about your cats and breeding.
Best wishes
Bibby's Mum
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Hello Bibbys Mum
I'm sorry to hear about your kitty having PKD ( Bibby sp?) , Well we decided NOT to PKD test our cats b'cause we knew that our head queen and our head stud were PKD free so when we breed them them and their stock we are pretty certain we don't have PKD
Thank you for the links , I am a member of Persian-cats, and my ID is samcat , Thanks for your concern and again I'm sorry to hear about your Baby , BUT if he got de sexed quickly their is a chance he will live a healthy life as though he doesn't have PKD
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As long as both parents are PKD free ther isn't much of a reason to get them tested. However, if the parents were tested only once they should get one more test to be sure. All my breeding stock is PKD Neg. One female I had that tested Pos. was spayed right away. The cost here is only $50.00 to have them scanned.
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