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Making weird noises

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My cat has started making strange noises when she looks out the window. She'll sit for hours watching the birds on the patio while making little sqeauking, chirping noises.

It seems like she's so excited about the birds that she can't help herself.

Does anyone know why she might be doing this? It doesn't bother me, in fact, it's really cute. I'm just wondering what it means.
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I believe its a noise they make when they are hunting something. I notice my cats do much the same when they hear a particular toy - a bright pink ball that's filled with catnip and at one time had long feathers that was attached to a plastic pole. They would sit their twittering away at each other and at the ball. Now all that's left of it is the plastic string and the ball itself. They long since ripped out all the feathers and broke the pole.
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Both my cats seem to make a strange like teeth chattering noise when they see a bug/fly.. They chase after it and they are so excited just to follow it around.. Does this sound like a similar noise?
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The cats I am catsitting make werid noises when they see birds out the window too. It's like a meow, but different, I can't even explain it - sort of like a cross between the sound a cat and a lamb or a sheep would make! They get pretty excited when there is birds outside, not mad but clearly agitated. They just sit there mesmerized and make that sound. I think it's cute too, but I don't know what it's about!
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Yo're right, RaKKa, it does have sort of a chattering sound to it. I've never heard a cat do that before, and it really amuses me when she does, which has been pretty much all the time recently.

Then she sees me watching and almost seems embarassed that I caught her SO INTO her birds!
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Cat Language

This is an interesting website...
My cat makes the chattering noises, too, but when she sees crows she makes strange noises that sound like caws...?
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