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I'm so angry!

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Hello everybody:

I have to say and very angry and dissapointed in some veterinarians. Thanks God I changed vets when Lucas got sick.

I'm having a problem with my cat Princess, she was spayed like a year ago and I always noticed that every two or three months she acted weird, she didn't eat much for a few days and she looked tired and sad, but it always passed and she got back to normal. I did a research and found that sometimes spayed cats act like they are in heat so I tought it was that.

The thing is this time she was in heat! She bled a little, she was fatigued and anxoius and she looked sick, then the cats in the neighborhood circled the house and cried for days. I took her to my new vet and he told me he had to do exploratory surgery because it looks like the other vet didn't take out her ovaries, only her uterus. I'm so upset! Now my poor Princess has to go through surgery again and I hate that. But we have to do it because I don't want my poor girl to go through this every time.

I don't know if someone in this forum had to go though this, but I think it is something terrible. some vets.... grrrr!
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Well..... Does she need to go through this surgery? She cannot get pregnant...
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
Well..... Does she need to go through this surgery? She cannot get pregnant...
heat cycles are wearing on a cat ...

Poor girl ... and please document and send copies to the old vet , the old vet should have to pay the redo bill
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Yes Carolina, but the thing is she suffers, she looks sick, like she is in pain. And all the cats in our neighborhood surround our house and they pee all around the house, it is awful, our neighbor has two male cats and he has never neutered them.

And also I read this online and got scared:

"Sometimes it is possible for a spayed cat to go into heat. This is the result of an "incomplete spay", where some ovarian tissue was mistakenly not removed. This can cause the cat to go into heat, and it is even possible she could become pregnant, depending on the spay method. You should get her back to the vet for an evaluation. Some vets will prefer to do blood tests to determine her hormone levels. If there is evidence she's in heat upon the examination, some vets will assume there's missed ovarian tissue leftover and simply do a second surgery to remove it.

Most vets tie off the inside of the vagina during a spay to provide protection against pregnancy just in case. But if this wasn't done, she could become pregnant if she underwent an incomplete spay, even though her uterus has been removed. The fetuses would embed themselves into the abdominal wall or surrounding organs, like the kidneys, etc. As the fetuses develop, they will lead to a rupture of tissues/organs and kill the cat. So for her own safety, I would keep her strictly indoors until it has been confirmed she was spayed properly."
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Yes Sharky, I will do that. This is so upseting to me
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Poor girl ... and please document and send copies to the old vet, the old vet should have to pay the redo bill
i don't blame you for being upset! i would be, too!
wonder if maybe it's some weird extra tissue? or have you had an ultrasound done to determine that it's definitely her ovaries?
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Oh wow Im so sorry you are going through this. I have heard of this happening before, unfortunately.
You are definitely doing the right thing for her. Cats heal quickly so she should be fine and back to her normal self soon

Sending so many positive vibes for her and for you
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That is horrible. Have this vet document that the other vet did not do a complete spaying on her! Then contact a lawyer and SUE the other vet and get your spaying money plus having them also pay for another surgery for your cat.

I'd also contact the veterinary board in Puerto Rico and have them look into this.

I've NEVER heard of a spaying where you only take part of the reproduction organs and leave the rest.

Now our Ling had to go thru surgery twice (she came back into "heat" a year after spaying). Turned out to be a cyst that was causing the fake heat. The vet only charged us half the price because we threatened to turn it over to our lawyers if they didn't take care of the bill.
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I would sue them.
I had a bad vet tell me Coco was dying from lung cancer when she had severe asthma and a cold.
We wrote the vet board and filed a complaint.
Make the other vet pay for everything.
The vet that was bad to Coco has been shut down.
I only get cats fixed at vets and never use pounds.
I hope your cat feels better.
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I wish I could sue the vet or do something, but I won't. unfortunately, here in PR animals don't have many rights, there are some laws that protects them, but they are not respected.

I wish the vet could do an ultrasound of Princess so they could see if she has her ovaries ( I'm sure she does), but vets in our area don't have that kind of equipment here, yes, I know, it is very sad and upseting. I love Puerto Rico, but I wish I could live in a place where animals had more rights and could get better medical care.

As you all know for my other posts, my Lucas suffered a lot because his Lupus wasn't diagnosed in time, he was treated for earmites, feline acne and other things for months and he has Lupus.

I want the best care for my kitties, so I have to do my best with the little alternatives I have. I love them to pieces.
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Dr. stupid in town did this for one of our dogs. She was suffering from I got a 2nd opinion from another vet. We decided on exploratory surgery, only to find out he "missed" a fair portion of her girly parts & could have gotten pregnant!
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