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Christmas Menus!

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I'm making my grocery list for the big Christmas shopping trip. We usually have appetizers for Christmas Eve so we can nibble when we want... Christmas dinner is the sit-down affair.

Christmas Eve

baguette stuffed with smoked salmon spread
blanched veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cherry tomatoes) with Satay dip
fruit platter
prawns with cocktail sauce
asian noodle salad
potato salad

Christmas Dinner

turkey with mushroom stuffing
cranberry sauce
roasted root vegetables (parsnips, carrots, yams, butternut squash)
mashed potatoes
steamed brussels sprouts
apple pie

Are you cooking for Christmas? What's on the menu?
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This is the first year that we're not spending with family, so we're trying to come up with our own traditions since it's pretty likely that it won't be the last.

Christmas Eve is usually a big deal spent with my family, so we want to do something completely different. We're thinking of ordering something from Outback Steakhouse.

Christmas Day we haven't decided yet. We're thinking of doing a Ribeye Roast (Prime Rib), but we may chicken out and do a ham instead. We'll have spaetzel, rolls, corn, gravy, and asparagus with whatever we do, and I'll make Oyster Stew too (that's my family's traditional Christmas meal).
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Are you cooking for Christmas? What's on the menu?
my mom's making a lot of it, but we're all bringing stuff, too.
mom's contribution
pork loin roast w/gravy
green bean casserole
cornbread dressing
cheese grits
fruit salad
pecan pie
my sister
green veggie
my SIL
salad of some sort
my single brother
pumpkin pie
deviled eggs
cheese cookies - these are savory, like cheese straws

for the Louisiana portion, i made a sopapilla cheesecake.
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im going to blaines mams for christmas eve so not sure what we are having

but christmas day it is going to be

turkey crown as there is only 2 of us
new potatos
roast potatos

some sage and onion stuffing
some cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon
cranberry sauce

and boxing day at my mams

its turkey chips and peas

im really looking forward to the next 3 days
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likely chicken soup or mac and cheese ... still sick
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Around here, the Chinese restaurants are open on Christmas Eve, so Doug and I might go out. While I am not Christian and he is not religious, there is not much to do on Christmas Day, so I might as well cook, right?

Turkey breast stuffed with lemon and leeks
mashed sweet potatoes
mixed veggies
homemade apple pie

At his request, I also bought a small container of egg nog and a small bottle of rum. Whipped cream, cinnamon and nutmeg... and whoo hooo... who cares if it's snowing!!!

ETA: we already had our Chanukah dinner. I made a roast tenderloin, potato pancakes (latkes) with applesauce and sour cream, salad and brownies.
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We're smoking 2 hams and bringing them over to the neighbors, who will have his entire family in town. I am also bringing 3 pounds of shrimp cocktail and a cheesy potato casserole.

Other than that, I have no clue what is on the menu. Maybe I'll make some cookies tomorrow.
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This may sound weird, but everyone wanted me to make my homemade Pizzas for Christmas, so Pizza it is
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At our family home it will be honey glazed Ham, turkey breast, potatos, green beans, sweet potato casserole, sugar snap peas, corn pudding, deviled eggs, heavenly hash, rolls, sweet potato pie, coconut cake and pecan pie.

BUT we just had similar for Thanksgiving and I dont have the taste to have similar so soon. I think I will blacken with peppercorn a t bone, with some kind of potatos and a HUGE salad of some sort.
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This is also my first year away from home. My due date is less then 4 weeks away! So I am going to cook.

Christmas eve we probally will not do anything speical, but I am going to make cookies, chex mix, and someother yummy snack food.

Christmas day I am going to make stew and some home made corn bread.

The 26th is my birthday so I might bake my cake on Christmas so I don't end up making my own cake on my birthday
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YUM! My favourite thread

Christmas Eve:

I'm cooking up some lamb chops now so I probably wont eat anything else tonight, maybe some chocolate

Tomorrow, Christmas Day:

Breakfast at Kieran's (my boyfriends)

Probably just a fry up with pancakes, sausages, bacon, hash browns, eggs

Lunch at my Aunty's

Baked ham, roast pork, roast turkey, roast chicken, roast beef, boiled new potatoes, green beans, asparagus, salads (feta, courgette, mushroom, leaf)

For dessert pavlova, christmas pudding, jelly, ice-cream

Dinner at my Step Dad's

Beef curry, roast chicken, smoked ham, potato salad, bread rolls, devilled eggs

Probably cake, pavlova and chocolate chip pudding for dessert

Boxing day: (The big one for me at my house!)

Steak, sausages, ham, roast chicken, sausage rolls, salads, new potatoes, homemade mayo, bacon

Chocolate log, pavlova, fruit salad, eclairs and ice-cream for dessert

My mouth is watering!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey, Sam - y'all aren't big on veggies, are y'all? just thought the multiple meats per meal was kinda funny...
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I love Vegies just don't know the exact dishes for them but know what meats we're having and plus I've got a BIG family!
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We usually have multiple meats too depending on who is coming.
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Yeah and I guess at Christmas my family sort of cooks heaps of meat and everyone gets leftovers too!

I'm eating my boxing day feast of Lamb chops now - no vegies with them either!

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For tomorrow everyone's bringing something.

Grandma - roast chickens, fruit salad and choc fruit cake.
Nana - smoked turkey, quiche and salad veggies
Uncle Steve - fresh berries & marzipan christmas cake (the only two things he and his wife bring over every year and they always eat most of what they bring before any of us can have some...)

Mums making potato salad, rocky road and various roast veges.

This morning i've done my lemon shortbread and summer pudding. And tomorrow i'll make chicken/avocado & salad wraps.

Of course we also already have other salad, veges, ham, drinks etc.

Oy vey!
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
Uncle Steve - fresh berries & marzipan christmas cake (the only two things he and his wife bring over every year and they always eat most of what they bring before any of us can have some...)
OMG Uncle Steve
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Let's see. This year it's..........

XMas Eve:

1. Fried chicken [brother & SIL]
2. Roast beef with pepperoncinis on french bread [neice]
3. a side of Swedish meatballs & meatballs in sweet n sour sauce & cocktail franks in barbecue sauce [sister]
4. Mexican meat/re-fried bean dip w/authentic corn chips [nephew]
5. fruit tray w/cream cheese dip [me]
6. tortellini salad [me] - love this.....it's got cheese filled tortellini noodles, black olives, grape tomatoes, finely shaved red onion, marinated artichoke hearts and the BEST olive oil salad dressing I've ever had.
7. probably deviled eggs [other neice]
8. choc./sour cream cake [neice]
9. who knows what else someone will bring!

XMas Day:

1. Ham
2. Turkey
3. Stuffed cabbage
4. Piggie
[pork cooked on an open spit]
5. green bean caserole
6. succotash [corn and lima beans]
7. a killer fresh lettuce salad with ingredients too numurous to mention
8. sweet potatoes w/peaches
9. stuffing
10. deserts - nut roll, cheese and apple strudel, etc.
11. I'm SURE I've forgotton something!

We'll be going to my sister's house on the following Sunday for all the leftovers.

While we're not exchanging presents this year we're sure as heck gonna EAT!
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Well, plans change, even over the course of a couple hours!

Now we have no idea what we're doing for Christmas Eve dinner, since we went out and really splurged on dinner at Red Lobster tonight. We'll see what strikes our fancy at the grocery store.

Christmas Day is now going to be Honey Baked Ham! Earl's mother sent a check that we totally weren't expecting that covered a 1/2 boneless ham, so we jumped on it. :yum: Can't wait! The sides and oyster stew stay the same.
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There is only the two of us so we are having

herb turkey breast roast
Stovetop stuffing
mashed potatoes and gravy

and for dessert...

I am making a chocolate cream pie made with jello pudding, in a graham cracker crust with whipped cream on top
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So far all we have decided is we don't want turkey and do want cabbage rolls
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Luckily, MIL is having Christmas dinner at her house (We had Thanksgiving here so it's fair) but I'm still making most of the sides. She's making a ham with the glaze that was posted here by Capt_Jori (I think?). Anyway here's the receipe...


I'm making cheesy broccoli casserole, a green been and tomato casserole, corn, rolls, pies, ummmm....Oh, and I am cutting the potatos for cheesy potato casserole (many because I still have my MIL's slicer from Easter ).

For Christmas Eve, I'll be making breakfast burrito stuff and pies for Christmas day so dinner will probably be pizza!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
Yeah and I guess at Christmas my family sort of cooks heaps of meat and everyone gets leftovers too!

I'm eating my boxing day feast of Lamb chops now - no vegies with them either!

Gotta ask..........what is 'Boxing Day' ?
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Originally Posted by PookieBoy View Post
Gotta ask..........what is 'Boxing Day' ?
12/26 - Boxing Day
one of those 'British' holidays.
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We are just putting this together...for sure, we are making my Sicilian grandmother's recipe for a scfincione for Christmas eve, and I'll also have some Italian sausages with that, and a salad.

Christmas - for the morning, a ham/spinach/gruyere bread pudding that I made minus the bread, main meal the only item I know for sure are homemade swedish meatballs with a peppery cream sauce that my dh wants to make from scratch, in honor of his Swedish heritage.

I'll edit to add on to this once I know...for snacks on Christmas day, probably a spinach dip that I make, with raw veggies, and crab stuffed mushrooms or deviled eggs. Keeping this smaller...weather is so bad for this area, roads are horrendous, the traffic on the horrendous roads is even worse
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That's a whole night away. No one but the family I live with will be here, so no reason to both trying to impress.
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This thread is making me very, very hungry!

And it made me realize that I don't know what I'm cooking for tomorrow night. Stuffed cabbage rolls sound absolutely yummy, and being of German/Polish decent, I think its a fine tradition to start for Christmas eve!
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Originally Posted by PookieBoy View Post
Gotta ask..........what is 'Boxing Day' ?
The original idea for boxing day is really nice. It's a day when cash and goods are given to the poor. Kind of like you give gifts to family and friends on Christmas and to the poor on the day after Christmas. It's an old holiday but one that never made it to the States. I don't know how much of the original reason for the holiday is still present though.
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Boxing day doesn't hold any significant meaning for my family anymore - it's just an extension of Christmas day for my family
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We'ss do our big dinner with my family tonight. Here's what I can recall of my mom's menu

Lots of various dips and spreads to start
Beef tenderloin
Cheesy mashed potatoes
Brussel Sprouts
Fresh greens salad with blue cheese and other goodies
Some cranberry jello thing and lots of cookies!
I'm sure I'm missing some things but that's all I can remember

Tomorrow we'll be at my in-laws and it's usually the same every year...
Mashed potatoes
creen beans
sweet potatoes

Boy, now I can't wait to eat!
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