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Anal gland issues? (pics)

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Very often one of my cats goes to the bathroom, but when she goes #2 it's usually very loose or often diarrhea. She has a habit of when she goes that blood and what looks like mucus come out too, often sticking to the back of her tail and rear. she frequently scoots along the floor to get it off. This has been happening for more than 2 years, and each time we go to our vet we tell them this and all they do is express her anal glands. It's a temporary solution, but no more than 1-2 weeks later she's back to doing this again. We've had her tested for internal parasites each year, and it always comes back negative. I dont know what this could be but i'm sure it's not normal. Here are some pics, mabye you can help me figure this out?

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There are so many things that can cause bloody, mucusy stools. And the vet should be taking it more seriously than just chalking it up to anal glands. One of my cats had IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease) and would often have bloody stools. Another cause is colitis. It could also be a food allergy. I would ask the vet to take it further or see another vet. The cause needs to be treated.
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Yes, I agree - get another opinion from a different vet.
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I agree with a second opinion. If it does turn out to be no more than chronically impacted anal glands you can ask them to show you how to express them yourself so you don't have to pay someone every time it needs to be done.
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IMO you need to find a solution to the loose stools. The blood, mucus and anal gland problem might all be tied to that. When Coco had loose stools she frequently had a bit of blood and mucus also. Once I found a solution (a digestive enzyme supplement) to the loose stool, no more blood or mucus. Coco never had any anal gland problems but my understanding is that problems can occur with them and loose stools because a firm stool is needed to naturally express the glands.

You really don't want the loose stool to go on long term. It can lead to further problems down the road.
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Yes I know I need to find out why, that is why I posted here for a 2nd opinion. My cat eats both wet and dry food, she loves to eat. I'm wondering could too much canned food make stools loose? She eats meow mix dry food, my Mom buys the food cause it's cheap and yes I know thats bad to go by price, but i'm not the one buying so not a good chance it will change I already tried many times.

Oh yeah, my cat also gets BAD smelling gas too. Frequently, but not everyday.

So next time were at the vet what should I ask, or what test should my cat have if any?
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Originally Posted by keith p View Post

Oh yeah, my cat also gets BAD smelling gas too. Frequently, but not everyday.

So next time were at the vet what should I ask, or what test should my cat have if any?

My dog had very foul smelling gas, and way more poo's in one day than normal. It was diet related. Once I got her on a lamb and rice formula, she improved dramatically.

The gas is probally diet related.

I do not know the questions you should ask, but I would call a couple different vets and explain the situation and just ask them what you should do. (tests/meds/etc)

I can understand the mucous in the stool with diarrhea, but the blood in the stool is scary and definately worth another opinion.

I hope you are able to find out what is causing this...please keep us updated when you do find out.
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do you think your mom would consider a better dry, just not ultra-premium? petsmart's authority is not too expensive - about $22 for 20 pounds - & much better quality than Meow Mix. she'd probably eat less of it, so it might end up costing about the same, overall...
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