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lets all tell Rene.........

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Sending well wishes to Rene. Here's hoping you will be feeling purr..fect again soon!
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i am sending my warmest thoughts out to you Rene.

you have been in my prayers today, and i lit a candle in hopes of lifting your Spirit from
half a world away.

i am hoping you get better soon.
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What's going on with Rene?

I hope all is well soon!
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We love you Rene....hope you get better soon!!!
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Rene is home not feeling well. Get well soon chick, I really don't feel like cleaning cages but for you, anything .

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Thank you everyone! The medicine has not kicked in yet and I am still not walking very well (I have had recurring Lyme for ten years now and everytime it is a lot worse - this one is really bad). The doctor did say Sunday or Monday and if I am not feeling better by then, it will be the IV treatment. If only I felt well enough to do things, but I don't! My poor husband is doing all the feeding, all the cage cleaning for the fosters, all the vet trips and working. I am in my bed going CRAZY (I don't watch Television, but I may have to start - any suggestions on good shows to watch for the next few days?). I can't sit at the computer for too long because my joints hurt too much and I need to be laying down. I HATE BEING SICK. I did feed all the cats today and Donna - I cleaned one of the cages!
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I am thankful that you have such a helpful hubby! He deserves a great big MEOW!
Please take care of yourself and unfortunately, there are no good shows on TV - I end up vegging in from of TV Land and the Weather Channel. My prayers are with you....
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Oh Rene, your hubby sounds like a doll!!! I hope you feel better soon....I am a TV fanatic myself....if you like comedies try Everybody Loves Raymond on channel 8 on monday nights....and CSI is a good crime drama on channel 8 on Thursday nights.
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Thanks Debbie - I will let you know what I think of both shows - actually I have seen CSI because I did watch Survivor and it was on afterwards - I made Thursday my ironing nights so I could give myself a reason for watching survivor. I liked it - I also like Law and Order which I watched for the first time last week. The nice thing about me is that even though all the shows are reruns they are all new to me!
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Sending good thoughts and my best wishes on getting better and feeling yourself soon...Rene

Cyberhugs to your hubby for being good to your kitties and making you feel special ( esp. when you aren't feeling good)
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Oh Rene! Please get well soon! Too many people here are sick lately - first Debby with a kidney infection, then Darlene and now you! I hope everyone get back to perfect health real soon!
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