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Christmas Magic

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Kiddos sure make this time of year and all its funk nuts seem ok, because to them, its nothing but magic.

This Saturday we decorated the tree & we turned off the lights to see it glow & the kids layed down on the floor infront of it all on their own & my camera always in hand nabbed the moment...

Definately one I'll print up and hang each christmas.

I just wanted to share.

2 vehicles on a doughnut, 1 with a dented rim, a toilet with a broken tank that needed a fixed pipe, resulted in a flood and stained main level ceiling, everyone has tight finances and struggles especially this time of year, there is stress, winter blues, family that forces you to host the holiday at your house, a mind full of nonstop emotions...

Its moments like this in this photo, that even for a moment, wipe all that away. I wish, like my children do, I could still feel the magic of Christmas.

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Wow! What an amazing photo!!!
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that is a beautiful photo
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That is so beautiful!! That pic reminds me so much of my childhood.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!
Thank you for sharing that pic with us
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What a beautiful picture! It's hard to stop and enjoy what we do have but moments like that do make it easier.
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thanks for the compliments guys, I hope everyone has a very merry christmas tomorrow
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The Magic of Christmas! Beautiful!
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What a wonderful photo If there was one thing that I do miss about being a kid, it would be feeling the magic of Christmas like they do. That picture reminds me of when my sisters and I would wake up very very early on Christmas morning, waiting for our mom and dad to get up. We would sit there under the lighted tree waiting. Merry Christmas!!
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What a very special photo and nice story to go along with it
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