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If you did have either Episcleritis or Scleritis, what were your symptoms and how were you treated?

Four years ago (almost) my right eye turned blood shot red, starting from the top, below my eyelid. It spread to almost my whole eye, and it hurt pretty bad. I thought it was pinkeye, and since I worked in a daycare I went to the dr, but she sent me to my eye dr. He told me it wasn't pinkeye, it was Episcleritis. My eye looked pretty much like this The first symptom I had was that it hurt to blink. I couldn't figure out what it was until I looked down and pulled my eyelid up and then you could see the bright red. My doctor gave me some steroid drops to use twice a day and it went away in a couple days.

Fast forward to two weeks ago on Sunday. Suddenly it hurt to blink, and even after 4 years I knew exactly what it was. You can't forget that pain. LOL It was the same eye, but this time it started on the inner corner of my eye. This time, though, my eye hurt really bad and the surrounding area hurt really bad also, and I had on and off blurry vision. I went in and the same dr (my regular eye dr for glasses) told me it was the same thing, and gave me steroid drops again, but told me to use them 4 times a day. He told me to come back in a week, but that was the day my husband was in his accident, and we have been crazy busy plus it was all better so I didn't bother rescheduling.

Now, Sunday night it hurt to blink in my LEFT eye. I knew what it was immediately, but was surprised as it has never been in my left eye before, and between the last two times was 4 years, not two weeks. It started on the outer corner of my eye. This time my eye hurt REALLY bad just looking straight ahead, but if I moved my eye at all it hurt even worse. This time my whole head hurt also, and I was seeing floaters. I went in this morning and while they normally just do the glaucoma test and the split light test thingy, he decided to dilate my eyes and do a thorough exam b/c of the floaters. It hurt like hell, b/c he kept shining all these bright a** lights in my eyes and I have super photophobia b/c of what is going on. I couldn't even open my eyes for 5 minutes after he was done b/c it hurt so bad and I just couldn't see. He said it is still the same thing, but wants me to come back on Friday instead of a whole week, to make sure it is getting better and actually not getting worse, b/c of the increase in pain and symptoms with each occurrence. He gave me the same steroid drops and told me to use them SIX times a day this time. lol

Has this happened to anyone before? I don't know what to think, and it will REALLY suck if this is going to be a regular occurrence.

Plus, it also sucked having to drive a 1/2 hour home with bright white snow everywhere so I can't see b/c of my eyes being dilated. LOL