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Greiving cat?

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I posted this in my Rainbow Bridge post, but I thought I'd ask her also since more people would probably read it.

Nora seems very upset about Milo not being here. As soon as I got back from the vet I saw her looking around and meowing REALLY loud, like she was trying to find him. She was extremely clingy all night long and just meowing loudly all night. I told my husband that she seemed sad and worried, but he insisted that cats don't have feelings like that. I feel so bad for her.

Would getting her a new friend help, or should I wait a while? It would be at least a couple weeks before we would even consider it, but I thought I'd ask. Not only just for her benefit, but after losing two cats in a matter of a couple months, I think my son would benefit from it also.

Is there anything at all that I can do for her??
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Animals do grieve. I had a cat growing up that lived with her brothers and sisters from the same litter. They were together for a good while, my family found the others homes and we kept Mimi, but she was so distraught she lost weight because she was so sad. I found a stray cat and brought him home. Mimi started gaining weight back and was very motherly to him. Cats do have feelings and they hurt just like people. Good luck.
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I have seen my cats grieve. Stumpy idolizes dogs and when his favorite dog crossed, he grieved until we got him a puppy a year later. Pinky lost his brother and grieved until we adopted more cats and he spent some time getting to know them.

Adopting another cat to keep Nora company will most likely help, but don't expect positive results until she has bonded with them. The worst thing that can happen right now is that you bring in another cat and she's mad at you for a while, but the flip side positive is that it might distract her out of her grief. In your case, a young cat or kitten might be better for the distraction factor.
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Animals definitely grieve, Sophia did, especially when Bella died, they were the closest

When you feel the time is right then add to your family, again my heart goes out to you
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Easy did when she had kittens and one of hers passed. She cried and she cried all over the house. She did have 4 other kittens, but it took some time for her to deal with the one she lost
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My cat BJ grieved for his best buddy Seymour. They were inseperable for 17 years when Seymour died. BJ wandered all over the house, garage and basement yowling for several months. It was so sad. All you can do is give your cat extra love and attention. It probably would help to get her another friend so she's not so lonely.
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When father went into the nursing home, Zane would wander around the house yowling until he came back.

After father died, Zane did the same thing. Father's been gone for about a year and a half now, and he sometimes gets on crying jags sometimes; I'm not sure if he's still missing father, or if he's just yowling to hear his own voice.
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Of course animals grieve! My dog Webber actually died of it. Him and Saddam (don't shoot me about the name - it was not my choice) were raised together since little, so they spent about 13 years together... The day that my mom came back from the Vet with Saddam in the little Coffin, Webber immediately started crying, and stopped eating... The sparckle on his eyes were no longer there, as though life had left his little body... He died a few days later; nobody can explain why - healthy healthy...
I think Nora needs lots of attention and love from you now... A Kitten might be good for her, as long as it doesn't take from the attention she deserves at this time... I would wait a little - just my opinion
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you probably wouldn't be able to get one till after Christmas, regardless.
like i said in my RB post, explain to Nora what's happened. it will probably help you both. then, after the holidays, if you feel ready, go to the shelter & get a new friend for her - perhaps another boy, but one that doesn't physically resemble Milo.
you might consider having your son help you tell Nora - have you told him, yet?
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When Damita died - Dorian died with her. He's never really been the same. He's far more clingy now. But he had other kitties to help him through it. I'd consider adopting another.
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Meeko did after Stormy was pts.
It was so bad we went to the vet.
They did tests and everything was fine except for being dehydrated.
She was so upset and refused to eat or drink.
Meeko and Sasha were not very good friends when we lost Stormy.
Coco was Meekos good friend and still is but she was in the other room at the time because she was sick.
I had just got Oreo about 2 weeks before Stormy was pts.
Getting Oreo helped Meeko.
I think getting another cat will help.
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When Jasmine died Charlie got really depressed. He started licking bald patches of fur and was alot more quiet than usual. The vet ended up giving us some Clomicalm (anti-depressants) for him, and over time he got better, he was only on the tabs a few weeks. Even though the two of them fought, the vet said because he could still smell her but not see her, he was missing her and the way she protected him from the neighbours bully cats. Now 18 months later (as much as i miss Jazzy), he is very vocal and affectionate, and alot healthier.

I suppose the point is, each cat takes different times to adjust, and you are going to get different responses from each of us. Maybe give it a little more time to see how your kitty handles the alone time. We've talked about having a new kitty a couple of times, but never really discussed it. Charlie has been an indoor cat for 18 months now and seems to appreciate having all our attention. He can be a scaredy cat sometimes so i think he's better without another cat to worry about. I don't think anyone but you can make the decision or know what is better for everyone else.
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