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Daily Thread Tues Dec 23rd!

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Mooooooooooooorning all!!

Its Christmas Eve EVE!!

Josh and I are leaving right after work to go down to London. We should get there around midnight, and my sister has no idea we are coming tonight...so it'll be fun for the kids to wake up too and see us there in the morning!

I won't be around tomorrow for 5 days, so I hope all members that celebrate Christmas have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY!!

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I'm supposed to go to Norman, OK, this afternoon, but that may change.

The traffic around toy stores has been brutal. I had to wait through one signal light 3 cycles on Saturday.

The forecast was for possible freezing rain here, but it didn't happen.

EDIT: Oops, I spoke too soon. It's icing right now!
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Today for me and DH is cleaning and getting all the last minute shopping done.
Tomorrow I want NO worries, no last minute trips to the store.

I have to take my male pug up to the vet to be neutered today.
I know, rotten timing, but after the last couple of days around here it is necessary.

That's a whole nother post.
I am not ready for the typing involved just yet.

I pick him up tomorrow before noon.
My baby girl pug got spayed last thursday and the
older girl pug got spayed a couple of months ago.

The kitties are all spayed and neutered!

Busy day here.
But I always find time for checking in to see whats going on.
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OMG It's Christmas Eve Eve. The busiest day in my house. So much to do for La Vigilia. It's an Southern Italian tradition to have a meal with 7 kinds of fish. It's open house for family and friends. I think we have 30 coming this year.

Mom will be preparing for tomorrow's meal while I clean and stay out of her way.
DH will be wrapping my gifts tonight so I hope something good is on tv. I need to hide out in the bedroom.

I still can't believe it's barely making it to 30F today and tomorrow will be 50F.

Sometime before the 12th I have to make it back to the OB. Seems they messed up and I didn't have my glucose test yesterday. After the 12th it will be too late and my next appt is the 20th.
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Morning all!!!

Well we are back to snow again today after not having any yesterday.

I am getting bundled up shortly to go out and clear off my deck and stairs. After that I am going to walk downtown and pick up a couple of things I missed shopping the other day. I suppose I could drive but I think it's safer just to walk today.

Afterwards I am putting the finishing touches on whatever I have to take to my sisters on Christmas morning.

I cleaned out my hall closet yesterday and now my nose is stuffy and eyes are all itchy from the dust...guess I should clean it more often.

The kitties are nuts this morning and have been chasing each other around since about 7, they are due to tire themselves out before to long.

Everyone have a great day and if the weather is bad where you are stay safe.
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