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Clavamox and appetite loss

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Bubba was put on Clavamox and metronidazole this week. We had an endoscopy scheduled for today, but the specialist had to cancel. Long story.

Since he's been on the clavamox (saturday), he has had zero appetite. His appetite was already low, which was why we were doing all these tests to begin with.

Is lack of appetite common for clavamox. I know it causes nausea, which would affect him wanting to eat. I'm going to give him a few syringes of food before I go to work just so he has something in his stomach. I'll talk to the vet today as well. Otherwise, he's normal...playing, purring, affectionate.
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If you look at the side effects of most antibiotics, nearly every one of them will state that a possible side effect is nausea. I personally can't take any of them on an empty stomach. So it is possible that the Clavamox is causing the appetite loss, and its a good thing that you are talking to your vet today.

I had a cat that couldn't take certain antibiotics because he would throw them up. He did fine with Clavamox. When you talk to your vet, you might ask if you can switch him to something else to see if it helps.
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Make sure to talk to your vet. I had a cat become allergic to Clavamox. He had appetite loss and vomiting. They just had to use a different antibiotic for him after that.
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It did that to Coco.
She throws up and is very allergic to clavamox.
She never ate on it.
She is on baytril right now.
Cleo my new kitten ison clavamox and she is ok on.
Ask the vet if you can switch.
Just to let you know Coco also gets sick on Cefa Drops
She is ok on baytril and orbax.
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I have seen that with many cats that clavamox affects the appetite even moeso then other antibiotics. I cannot tell you what to do as you need to ask your vet but what I would do with my cat is stop the clavamox and ask the vet for a different antibiotic as it is important that you cat eats to prevent hepatic lipidosis.; For an upset stomach, I have given my cats 1/4 tab of pepcid ac 2x a day. Again, I cannot tell you what to do with your cat
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I spoke to the vet and she said to discontinue it. I noticed that he ate a little on his own this afternoon. I will give him a few syringes of food tonight and see how he does tomorrow. I'm almost positive it was the clavamox. He already had decreased appetite, so this would have been too much.
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Coco gets very sick on Clavamox.
Is the vet going to give you another med?
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