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My cat's pupils are different sizes?

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HI - this is my first post here so a quick intro:

I adopted a stray kitten about 5 weeks ago approx age 6 months - his name is Rocky but my 2-year-old daughter insists his name is Tickle -hence the username! I took him for vaccines/worming/flea treatment immediately, and the next day he came down with a cold which wasn't a good start as he basically hid under the bed for a week. A week and a half of antibiotics sorted him out and now is full of bounce and absolutely adorable

Soon after we got him, I noticed that his eyes are not the same. One pupil is always larger than the other. It does contract, but never goes right down to a slit. Since he was at the vet so much I asked them to check, but they just gave a cursory glance into his eyes (didn't even shine a light in them) and said he's ok. I don't think they checked properly at all, and am wondering if I should get a second opinion?

The eyes are healthy, not watery, he doesn't seem to have any vision problems. If we take a photo of him, his eyes reflect completely different colours with the flash - one is yellow and one blue. If there is a light right in his eye, instead of appearing egg-shaped, the pupil looks like a kaleidoscope.

I've tried googling and found out that Abyssinians sometimes have a genetic problem with their pupils. He is a street cat and we know his mum, who is also a stray, so I really don't think it's possible that he has Abyssinian in him - unless it's a throw-back gene!

Anyway, sorry for the long post! Just wanted to know your thoughts/experiences, if we should worry, take him back to the vet, or what could have caused it. I'm also anxious that he might go blind

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Hi, my cat has had similar issues to what you are talking about. He had cat flu badly when he was in the rescue centre and that was about two years ago. The vet can do a herpes virus check and the vet would put a green dye in your cats eye to test. I think you should go back to the vet and get them to check for that. My cat was checked for it but doesn't have it although it is very common. Mine had cat flu again but not as badly this year and his eye issue came back so the vet gave anti biotic drops that have cleared it but they did say that if it didn't then he would have to see the eye specialist. I hope it all goes well and I would definately suggest another trip to the vet.
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could also just be the way he's made. my sister's pupils are like that - in dim light, it's not noticeable. but in bright light, one doesn't contract as far as the other does. they've always been like that, too - she's 49.
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If getting a second opinion is a viable option, I think I'd go with that. The eye exam he had sounds pretty cursory, as you described it. If there are no other vets you'd go to, I think I would call and just say I'm a nervous new mommy and really want to know what's going on with the eye.
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I agree with a second opinion if you can get one. In people it can be an indication of a concussion.
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I just noticed today that one of my cat's pupils does constrict, but not all of the way, just like Rocky-Tickle. May I ask if you ever learned what was causing it? I spent 1.5 hours with my vet today, who has no idea what it is. They drew a lot of bloodwork, and referred me to an opthamologist.

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I'm not sure if this is the same issue but about 3 months ago we adopted a one year old kittie from a shelter. She had been a stray and was found in a remote area wandering.
She was in good health - except for worms, when we took her home.
After a day or so (when she came out from under the sofa) we noticed that one of her eyes was bigger than the other. One pupil is always bigger too. We asked our vet about it and after checking her eyes over he said she was probably just (and I quote) 'Very inbred'. He said that cats from the rural areas exhibit this trait sometimes and that it is nothing to worry about.
She doesn't have any issues with her eye (no sight problems or glazed/ cloudy appearance). It kind of adds to her querky character.
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I do not want to scare anyone but Coco did that and it was because her bp was to high.
I would check his bp.
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